March 20, 2009

How I Lost Two Jewish Friends in One Week

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Several months ago, within a few days of each other, I began email dialogues with two Jewish men, each 50 years of age. My intentions with these exchanges was to gain a clearer understanding of their thinking, and to present to them the case of Islam. With the first, an American, politics was strictly forbidden (by him) from the conversation. Admittedly, I was using him as my psychiatrist. With the second, a Russian Israeli, the conversation was strictly politics.

In the past, I discovered that Jewish friends I’d known since childhood had kept their Zionist membership secret from me all those years. I visited Dachau with one of my closest friends, completely unaware that to her, “Never again” meant “Never again, to us.” As with many Jewish friends before, questioning the legitimacy of the State of Israel led to the abrupt dissolution of the Muslim-Jewish dialogue. It happened to me repeatedly that merely asking a closet Zionist to explain to me why s/he supports Israel put them in such a hysterically defensive state that, no matter how deep the friendship or how far we go back, s/he preferred to break up with me rather than discuss politics! I am not the first person to be totally baffled, hurt, and bewildered at the Jewish hypersensitivity to discussing Israel, needing at all costs to avoid this subject of conversation.

It seems to me that if you truly believe something is true, you should be willing to state your belief openly and if necessary, support your argument. But silence is one of the protocols of Zion. Jews normally do not defend their beliefs, nor do they explain them to anyone else, individually or collectively. Lacking a Constitution, Israel is the only modern nation in the world that refuses to make a clear statement of what it stands for.

This seemed also to be the case with my American friend, the Jew who spoke only of peace and love, while he steadfastly refused to apply his abstract reasoning to any plan workable in real-life situations. He shared with me his philosophy that any time there are two people disputing, and each of them is sure that he is right, they are both wrong. He felt very strongly about the virtues of non-violence, and was proud of being a consciencious objector during Vietnam. He fancied himself a peacenik while viewing me as an opinionated extremist. He admitted that he found my words “frightening” but refused to explain what exactly he thought was frightening.

This was not the case, however, with the Israeli Jew, who was very clear in his opposition to the Zionist enterprise. He preached for the voluntary dismantling of the Jewish State’s apartheid structure of government and the granting of full democratic citizenship to all inhabitants of the Holy Land. He was deeply troubled by the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by Jews. He hated the defensiveness of the American Jews which serves to cover up the crimes of Israel. He condemned the liberal Jews’ insistence that they are pro-peace, while refusing to condemn in principle the colonization of Palestine to create an artificial Jewish state.

I learned a lot from these two very different Jewish perspectives. Although my mind had begun to stretch in order to include “the Jewish reality” in my analysis, it began to frustrated me how the “neutrality” of the American Jew caused him to delegitimize the Palestinian cause. By reducing the Israel-Palestine conflict to “versions of history” that are both false, he was absurdly disputing the obvious confiscation of Palestinian private property by Jews to create the State of Israel. He was equalizing the Israeli legitimizing myths with the Palestinian experience. He did not want to listen to me prove the Palestinian claims, even though these are clearly proveable through maps, photos, and extensive, meticulous documentation of evidence. His position of neutrality could only be based on refusal to acknowledge the forest for the trees. All he could see was the endless reciprocal revenge attacks reported by the media. He did not see genocide in progress.

With self-contradicting and ambiguous phrases, he insisted that he was not supporting either side. I wanted so much to believe that he was indeed thinking independently, but it became increasingly apparent that he was trapped in a fundamentalist paradigm. Although he could not see it, he was using all the typical Zionist cliches and methods of dispute; for example, when asked to clarify his ambiguous statement, he merely restated his original contradiction and refused to continue the conversation any further. “Think of me what you will,” he said, denying that he was a Zionist.

But far from being an independent or pro-peace stance, the “blame both sides for violence” position is a political manipulation by Zionist-financed media to get around their inability to cover up Israeli war crimes. This standard news analysis helps prevent potential Palestine sympathizers from linking with the opposition and keeps the discussion of whether Israel even has a right to exist safely under lock and key.

A similar method was employed by the news media in regards to the sanctions on Iraq, blamed for the deaths of 1.5 million civilians, primarily children under 5. For years, the major networks kept the public ignorant about the US/UN-inflicted genocide in Iraq. But due to the pressure caused by alternative media reports and the activism of American citizens, the news reporting was forced to change strategies. Since the US could no longer deny the mass death in Iraq, it shifted its position to denial of responsibility. Thus, the public opinion went from blaming Saddam Hussein exclusively for starving his own people to believing that the Iraqi president’s inadequacy somehow forced the US to deprive the entire population of clean drinking water.

But in case I truly wanted to cling to the hope that he was using “higher reasoning” that was incomprehensible to me due to his greater wisdom, his explanation of the Palestine Wall revealed that he truly had no idea. He wrote: “The leaders of each respective community decided to build a fence to protect the two friends (a Jew from New Jersey and a Palestinian) from each other. It separated their backyards.” I noted a painfully deep, deep need to shift the blame from Israel. There is no Palestinian leader who ever advocated building a wall to enclose the Palestinian population. Such a claim constitutes blaming the victims. Using the usual Zionist invocation of bad leadership and dual responsibility, the speaker actually believes himself to possess a fair and balanced view of the conflict. But this perception is deeply flawed, as it is based on false assumptions.

Rather than allow me to deconstruct his arguments, my American Jewish correspondent abruptly ended the conversation and revoked his friendship, but not before accusing me of stereotyping him, bursting into tears, and calling everything I had told him “lies from the pro-Palestinian propaganda machine.” He blamed me for causing a division between us by trying to discuss intimate political issues. In a breathtaking display of oxymoronic irony, his parting words to me were, “Together, there is peace. Apart, there is nothing.”

I knew then, figuratively speaking, what it was like to be a Palestinian, marginalized and silenced, blamed for disturbing the peace, and then cut off! The American Jew is all emotion and confusion. Rather than looking to the US-financed politicians on both sides to speak for them, I wish the Palestinians and the Israeli people would find a way to deal with each other directly.

For the one thing that kept me from total devastation was the reassurance from my Israeli friend. I found it ironic that the only Jew with whom I could openly discuss Israel with was an Israeli. He had no sympathy whatsoever for my American friend’s complexities. He said there is no controversy about whether or not the Israelis have committed genocide against the Palestinians. I questioned him extensively about the psychology of Jewish denial. He advised me, “Maria, Jews are like that. He does not wish to discuss his politics with a non-Jew. There is not much one can do about it! Try and accept this reality.” So I did, and felt much better about it.

A few days later, I received another message from the person I thought was my one remaining Jewish friend. “I am now a Palestinian Christian!” he proclaimed with elation. After years of feeling deeply disturbed by the cruelty and hypocrisy of Jews in regards to Israel, my friend had finally gone over to the Orthodox Christian Mother Church in Jerusalem and gotten himself baptized. Despite his family’s lifelong attempt to indoctrinate him into Zionism, he rejected his “Chosen” ethnic status and did the one thing that Jews find more offensive than anything else on earth: he accepted Jesus as his savior. Now, he believed, through Christ, the barriers to legitimate citizenship of the Holy Land had been removed.

I have to admit that I was deeply disappointed by his choice of Christianity over Islam, despite my previous attempts to call him to the way of the Last Prophet. But perhaps he was not interested in being a world citizen. He longed for a connection to this holy soil – he wanted to be Palestinian. And so he had joined the oldest institution of the Palestinian folk culture. I think it must be much easier for a Russian Israeli to be integrated into the Palestinian Orthodox Christian community than into the Palestinian Muslim community, for cultural reasons. And of course, a man has the right to believe what he wants to believe. I sincerely celebrated his joy.

Still, I cried more for the loss of my Israeli friend’s Judaism than I did for the loss of my Jewish American friend. It was deeply moving to see how far a Jew would be willing to go to admit the wrongness of the Zionist ideology, and to join the Palestinian community. But the sense of loss I felt, while irrational, was also very real. I had clung to him as the only Jew I could discuss politics with. Now I had lost a Jewish ally – although, praise be to God, I gained a Christian one.

The loss of two Jewish friends in one week due to the Israel-Palestine conflict was an eye-opener for me. It seems that, despite the peace activist’s traditional habit of separating Zionism from Jewishness, the vast majority of Jews make no such distinction. They are offended by the idea that a Jew would not love Israel. Their identification with their “homeland,” even when tempered by humanist sympathies, puts them in the troubling position of moral ambiguity. Therefore, while every one of them will insist, “I’m not a racist” and not uncommonly, “I am not a Zionist,” upon further inquiry one finds that they accept, or at least tolerate, the idea of Jewish domination over the Holy Land. They accept, but do not discuss the Zionist mythology of manifest destiny. The overwhelming majority of Jews have been indoctrinated to believe that Israel is the land of the Jews. Therefore, they cannot even accept the good will of those who wish to love them as Jews, while condemning their Israeli nationalism. For most Jews, it is useless to make the politically correct distinction between “Jew” and “Zionist.” If they are not directly supporting and benefitting from the Zionist colonization of Palestine, they are justifying it in their minds and silencing criticism of Israel.

That puts the peace-loving Jew in a precarious predicament. To truly stand for peace, one has to acknowledge that the war is the direct result of Israeli occupation and systematic destruction of Palestinian civilization. But to acknowledge this is to question the legitimacy of the Jewish state. My friend clearly felt that the only way to escape from Zionism was to reject Judaism.

Is there any form of Judaism left today which exists apart from the romantic longing for a nation-state? Due to the Zionist desecration of pre-Zionist Judaism and obliteration of European Jewish history, anti-Zionist Jews have very little ground to stand on, quite literally, in Israel – for they too are imprisoned and persecuted along with the Palestinians by the Zionist “authorities.” The most staunch anti-Zionist view comes from the ultra-orthodox sects of Judaism, with their emphasis on Jewish self-imposed exile and repentence. But the secularization of Judaism makes it nearly impossible for mainstream Jews, even if they support Palestine, to feel comfortable with the ultra-orthodox Jewish lifestyle.

The average Jew is then left with two possible choices. Either he has to be defensive about the indefensible, or else he has to defect from Judaism. For to follow the anti-Israel argument through is to conclude that, “since I do not wish to be a racist, therefore I do not wish to be a Jew.” The moral contradictions within modern Jewish thought represent a catastrophe for Jews: It reveals the replacement of Judaism as a legitimate religion with the hollow shell of Israeli chauvenist nationalism. Looking at the big picture, we should grieve more for the Jews than for the Palestinians because the Jews have lost their faith, whereas the Palestinians have only lost their homes in this world.


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This paper attempts to address the question: Have the Jews gone mad? Or have they always been this way and I am just now realizing it? I decided that, instead of vainly disputing, that I would really try and understand the Jewish point of view in American politics. This is no easy task to undertake, considering the resistance one faces when asking a Jew about his Zionism. But the more I learn the less I comprehend. I have been forced to conclude that today’s Zionist, with his ethical and reasonable outward persona, is covering up a serious case of paranoid schizophrenia, denial, delusions of grandeur, and projection. Many of these people actually believe they are the direct descendants of King David.

An American of German ancestry whose father grew up in Nazi Germany in a little town 30 miles from the Czech border, I feel an intense need to help the Jews avoid the pit that the Germans fell into before. Today we commonly ask, “How could the Good Germans remain silent during the Holocaust? How could they live in denial? Although a few did risk their lives to reach out to those against whom the Nazi violence was directed, the vast majority of German citizens were patriotic citizens.

Technically, wiping out a civilization is called “genocide.” So, what is the difference between a Jewish supporter of Israel and a German supporter of the Aryan Nation? The difference is that unlike in the 1930s and 40s, today there is no barrier to receiving accurate news reports from the siege on Occupied Palestine. One is not forced to rely on censored corporate media. There is no Jew or Gentile who could honestly say they had no way of knowing what the Jewish homeland was doing to the West Bank. If he does not know, it is because he does not care to know.

The Germans, by contrast, had very little access to public information except via government-controlled radio. A memorial in Munich, Germany remembers a professor and a few college students who were executed by the Nazi regime for throwing fliers out of the classroom window publicizing the war crimes of their government.

Today I see the Jews, at far less risk of peril for speaking out than what would have faced an outspoken Nazi opponent, remaining in denial about the erasing of Palestine from the map. It is something they simply never wish to discuss. We are all supposed to then simply believe that the land “came to be known as Israel.” (Quote from a children’s textbook)

In Zionist discourse, Israeli soldiers only shoot civilians inadvertently, while Palestinian terrorists aim for any and all civilians. Israel maintains its stance not to harm Arab civilians, and they do not budge from this standpoint. It does not matter that Israeli soldiers not only fire randomly into people’s living quarters but also engage in sharp-shooting, while suicide bombers actually prefer to target buses laden with soldiers.

Even seemingly objective news reports like the following show that in order for Israel to feel at peace, one must never, ever state the obvious: “Palestinian Authority textbooks still present Israel as a usurper of Arab lands and fail to convey a message of reconciliation with Israel.” As if Israel had ever stopped invading and usurping Arab lands!

A letter to the editor of The Jewish State, a local New Jersey newspaper, states: “Unless and until the Palestinians stop teaching their children the virtues of jihad, martyrdom, and the destruction of Israel, the Palestinian children, cute as they are, remain my virulent enemy and I will not spend much time lamenting their demise if and when they are taken out as collateral damage.”

By what sad standards of debate today’s Zionists use to justify the assassinations, mass arrests, blockades, and deprivation of the Palestinian people! Helplessly, the world watches as some of the best and brightest of our generation are simply ‘knocked off,’ not by a random act of terror but by the painstaking deliberations of the state military apparatus. Yet even though Israeli bulldozers mow down village after village, while the people are shot if they go outside, the forces of destruction proclaim pure innocence!

How can it be that this monster who seethes with hate and feels no remorse, can perceive himself as reasonable, ethical and moral? The Zionist has declared himself to have “natural and historical rights” to take over a certain piece of land whether anyone likes it or not. Yet he continually feels that he is the one who has been wronged, that his violence is always and only provoked by the other. But what is at the heart of it all? How do we psychoanalyze this monster?

I came upon an essay written by a fourth grader in a New Jersey Hebrew School that revealed to me the innocence within the monster. “Why do people treat Israel as if she is less important than other countries?…I cannot answer why people would treat any country as if it counts as less than another…We need to stretch out our hands to pull the Israelis from the pit into which the terrorists have thrown them. We must also show the terrorists that we will not allow them to take over our country.”

What becomes clear is that when they say “peace” it does not mean friendship and harmony. Their peace equals our defeat. Their prayer for peace is a prayer for the Palestinians to give up hope of going home. We are supposed to forgive without receiving an apology and just accept, as one Jewish activist explained to me, “It’s not that Israel is trying to destroy Palestinian lives. It is just trying to exist, and to defend itself against suicide bombers.” Well, throwing aside the “suicide bombers” clich?, the absurdity of the “merely trying to exist” argument is worth contemplating.

The Israeli Declaration of Independence refers to “the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land.” I found it curious that the founders of the Jewish state proclaimed as sovereign over the land not the Lord God but themselves. The land belongs not to God, but to the colonists with their proclaimed “natural and historical right” to take possession of it. The entire argument for rebuilding the Temple also seems to revolve around the idea that this will show the world that the Jews are really something. There is seldom any mention that the Temple would be a place for the glorification of God’s name.

But is this a struggle for Jewish supremacy or a struggle to be as good as other nations? Here the internal confusion of the Jewish psyche becomes clear. The document states: “This right is the natural right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate, like all other nations, in their own sovereign State.” But what country, or person, is a master of his own destiny? Surely a Believing Jew understands that nations are subject to the vicissitudes of time and that God alone is the master of destiny. On one hand, Jews declare their absolute uniqueness, and then they declare that they want to be like everyone else. It is grotesque self-delusion. Seeking high-class status by lawlessly taking over people’s property is not a worthy expression of self-respect. It is rather a psychotic display of deep self-disrespect.

In his delusions of grandeur, the Zionist, like the Pharaoh before him, has proclaimed himself as a god above reproach. Jabotinsky wrote: “To the hackneyed reproach that this point of view is unethical, I answer, ‘absolutely untrue.’ This is our ethic. There is no other ethic.” (1923) Muslims never get tired of reminding Jews about the Pharaoh, because he was a sign from God that the arrogant will be brought low. For Pharaoh is described as one who “transgressed beyond bounds in the lands, and heaped therein mischief (on mischief). Therefore did thy Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements” (89:11) The Quranic Pharaoh is symbolic for any civilization that God destroys for rejecting the Truth and living in habitual sin. Muslims consider the discovery of Pharaoh’s mummy in 1898 at Thebes to be a warning specifically to the Jews from God.This Sign is the fulfilment of a Quranic prophecy where Allah says to the Pharaoh: “This day We (have decided to) preserve your body (from destruction) so that you may become a sign to (a people) who will come after you, for most people are heedless of Our signs” (10:92-93).

Historical Palestine is negated by the mere existence of Israel. Genocide is however, not a crime if it is not done intentionally. It is merely an unintentional side-effect of protecting Israel’s sovereignty. It is something that must be done without delay in order to implement the Zionist utopia. Jewish people around the world are praying and waiting for their inheritance of Biblical lands to finally be claimed in its entirety. Then, they believe, there can be peace on earth.

The Zionist patterns of speech are fossilized phrases empty of content, revealing a society that is in denial to the point of being psychotic. Is the only way for Jews to get beyond their imagined second-class status is by declaring themselves God, making others into second-class citizens and founding a nation over their graves? This is what is considered the “redemption” of Israel? It is clear that the world should take note of the delusional and irrational behaviour of Israel’s rulers.

No country based on a racist ideology, which imposes a tyranny of one ethnic group over the others, has any need to exist as a nation among other nations. There is no reasonable justification for open dual citizenship for all Jews anywhere. The Jews can and should rather be loyal to their normal country of residence. We cannot wait for Israel to realize or admit that it needs help because it is out of control, endangering itself and others. Israel must be stopped.

Bearing Witness

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Purity of intention is the key to martyrdom.

The core of Islam is Shahada: to bear witness unto the Oneness of Allah and the prophethood of Mohammed, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. To bear witness is what it means to be a Muslim. According to the Islamic religion, all individuals who have faith have been Chosen by God. To validate the Islamic world view is to reject the Jews’ concept of Chosen status based on race. Allah, the Lord, promises Paradise to all those who died bearing witness to this concept of human equality, recognizing the universality of the Creator. To live and die in a state of faith, or Iman, is the goal of every Believer who strives to submit his will in peace to Allah. A person who is at peace with himself and at peace with God, who practices Islam, declares Shahada every day in prayer. A person in a state of faith does not view death as something horrifying.

Martyrdom is the ultimate Shahada because it proves you would rather die than to bow before anything other than Allah. You are a free human being who refused to accept oppression. In Palestine, the State of Israel has imposed a false doctrine declaring Jews as the Master Race. This false religion is an idol that the Palestinians refuse to honor, in keeping with the true prophetic tradition. In Palestine, just going to work or going to school is a defiant declaration of independence. For a Palestinian, life itself is an act of refusing to submit to other than Allah. A child killed by a stray bullet while walking to school is called a “Shahid,” as is a suicide bomber. If a woman’s baby dies after she gives birth at a checkpoint, that baby is called a Shahid. All Palestinians killed by Israel, or who die fighting against Israel, are considered martyrs. The reason that fighting against Israel is so important for Muslims worldwide is not because Israelis are the meanest killers in human history, but because they have lied against God.

To steer one’s path in accordance with the Divine Purpose, one has to constantly pray for purity of intention so that all one’s actions are for the sake of Allah alone. Even lawful actions become “haram” or sinful if they are done without the proper intention. If a person eats a meal forgetting to say “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah), prophetic tradition teaches us that the nourishment then takes on a satanic quality. It is the consciousness of Allah (Taqwah) in one’s actions that makes an action righteous or commendable. A commendable action requires knowledge. The Islamic belief is that there is something called faith which is the knowledge of Allah. You have to live in this state of knowledge, or at least aspire to that knowledge. Otherwise, you will die in a state of ignorance and failure.

Jahiliya, or ignorance, the Islamic understanding of Paganism, is identified by a mythological or pseudo-scientific belief that the worlds are created by continuous struggle between various gods or natural forces, whereas Islam upholds a faith in a Unity or Oneness beyond the balance and interplay of opposing forces. One who lives in a state of Oneness is spiritually satisfied and at peace. This sense of transcendence is not a “spiritual philosophy” but a personal experience of reality. Not only is Allah real, but Allah is the only Reality. A person who is martyred in a state of higher consciousness gets the best rewards of Allah’s Paradise. Paradise is a state of unending bliss that is always new, always different, and always beautiful, like making love to 72 willing virgins. The willingness to die for the sake of defeating an army that has declared itself an enemy to Allah and His Prophets is akin to the story of David and Goliath. Palestinians identify with this story deeply, as it is contained in both the Bible and the Quran.

The Palestinian boy, Faras Ouda, left home with nothing but a slingshot, determined to be a hero. He decorated his own wreath in preparation. This brave kid was shot down by a coward in an armored truck. Children who die before reaching puberty are reserved a special garden in Paradise. The Prophet Mohammed, when he ascended into the seven heavens from the rock in Jerusalem, saw the Prophet Abraham surrounded by children. The Angel Gabriel told Mohammed that all the innocent children who had died now live under the guardianship of the Prophet Abraham. The death of a child is an honor and a mercy to the mother. It elevates the entire family spiritually. The child waits for his mother at the gate of Paradise, begging Allah to forgive her sins so that they could someday be reunited. It is said that Allah cannot break the heart of an innocent child, so He will allow even undeserving parents, and the baby’s wetnurse as well, to come to Paradise for the sake of the child’s happiness. This is as true when the child died of leukemia as when the child was killed by Israel. The Quran reminds us that the life of this world is but a trial and that our true home is in the hereafter.

While Zionists think of the Jewish Holocaust as a burnt sacrifice offered to Yahweh to justify the State of Israel, Islam does not teach that death in itself grants expiation for sins and automatic rewards. The most dramatic act of sacrifice – death in battle against an oppressive regime – does not necessarily guarantee Paradise. That is why Palestinian suicide bombers pray for the acceptance of their sacrifice. The Prophet Mohammed once told a story of a man who died in battle, after having killed several enemy soldiers. The prophet explained that although this man appeared to others as a war hero, the man was going to hell because he was not fighting for the sake of Allah alone. His intentions were mixed with the desire for glory. Other traditions tell of the great warrior saint, Ali, who, while dueling with an opponent, reached a point where the enemy soldier was on the ground. Ali was about to kill him when he spat in Ali’s face. At that point, Ali immediately released the enemy soldier unharmed. He asked the great Muslim why his life had been spared. Ali answered that if he had killed the man out of anger, it would be a grave sin. Passions can nullify the reward for Jihad, or the struggle against oppression. The person who by the command of Allah commits an act of war, not out of hate, but for the ultimate goal of establishing justice, and who dies in the process, whether he or she is killed by an Israeli bullet or on a suicide mission, is a Shahid. However, someone who kills or is killed in an act of desperation or ethnic nationalism, has served Satan.

The whole idea behind Islamic warfare is that it is not allowed to be motivated by revenge. However, there is such a thing as retaliation in war. Allah’s law says a life for a life is just, though it is better to forgive. So far, the Palestinians have not even come close to that, so there is not much sense in being outraged at suicide bombers, as it just feeds into the false doctrine of unconditional Jewish innocence.

While terrorism does claim lives, it is more symbolic and theatrical than efficient, and in the end, may reduce civilian casualities. For every ten Israelis killed in a pizzaria, there might be 10,000 Israelis that decided to move to Sweden, and 10,000 Romanians who decided to stay in Romania. The more “civilized” approach would be to carpet bomb Tel Aviv from an airplane. However, mass loss of life would be guaranteed as collatoral damage. Islam says to establish justice for all people including non-Muslims. Allah commanded the Palestinians to win this war. They are not fighting for greed, they are fighting because they have no other option since they are under attack. As such, they have to use successful strategies to win the war for the sake of Allah.

Perhaps the main difference between Zionist killers and Islamic killers is attitude. Israelis do their bulldozing and indiscriminate shooting of civilians in a state of hate, often while drunk. Their ultimate goal is erasing Palestine. Islamic soldiers go to battle with a sense of the sacred, with solemn purpose and clear mind. At worst, they seek a life-for-life retaliation. Their ultimate goal is to bear witness to the Oneness of Allah. Until the recent past, I had no opinion one way or another about Palestinian suicide bombers, considering them irrelevant to the question of whether Israel should continue to exist. I left it to Allah to send them to heaven or hell. To be ready to die for a cause is the proof of one’s sincerity. But as with all acts of worship, we can never be totally sure of Allah’s approval. All we can do is ask for Signs. The story of the mother who prayed for ten Israelis to be killed by her daughter’s martyrdom, and the exact answer to her prayer seemed to me to be a sign that Allah blessed the sacrifice, at least in this particular instance. I don’t see any contradiction between viewing suicide bombing as a successful strategy of war, and as a service to Allah that goes beyond the desire for attaining a specific worldly goal.

It is hard for some of us to accept that God may have commanded good people to fight against the Jews, even knowing that the Jews are committing genocide in Palestine. As for me, there was a time when I felt sorry for the Jews, but those days are over. Israel supporters are not stupid. They are satanic. What kind of person moves onto property when he knows the previous owners were forced off by gunpoint and made homeless? As long as Zionists continue to buy and sell stolen property in Israel like some kind of criminal mafia, I don’t think it is reasonable to expect that Jews should feel free to live in Israel and think they should not be killed. My biggest issue with suicide bombings is that so many Palestinians have to die in the process.

No American or Israeli has the moral authority to judge the Palestinians, most of whom have no passports and are not allowed to live legally anyplace on earth. It actually appears that the Jewish community demonizes Arabs out of a neurotic need to perceive themselves as victims, even when this defies logic. Apparently, they want Palestinians to kill them. Jews only feel comfortable when they are surrounded by people who want them dead. It may be that they need us to force them to give up the concept of the Jewish State to help them save face. They will leave Israel, but they can’t do it by agreeing to it in a rational way. They can’t just admit they were wrong and give back the stolen property. They can’t just admit that non-Jews are their human equals. They need to preserve the sense that the world wants to mass murder them, without which they lose their sense of identity. They need us to help them leave with their victimhood intact.

I would personally recommend for some civilized country to send their Air Force to bomb the Jewish settlements, dismantle the racist State of Israel, and return the Palestinian refugees to their homes in Palestine with financial compensation and full citizenship rights. While Zionist criminals should face Guantanamo, the most Islamic way to deal with the Israeli public would be a general amnesty. Either Jews should apply for Palestinian citizenship, or they should leave. Palestinians and their well-wishers should stop begging for a “state.” All of historical Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. The Israeli Wall is proof that compromising with racists is not an option. For all those who strive with their lives and with their possessions in the cause of Allah, bearing witness to the Truth that Allah is One, who are not fighting for a nationalist cause but for a future free of artificial national borders and false racial identities, I pray Allah help them.

Allah’s Word Against The Jews

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Zionist Judaism does not have a moral code. The Jews think that the Covenant of God is a real estate deal. An “eternal” real estate deed given to them unconditionally by God. Their claim to the “Land of Israel” is based on one or two verses in the Bible cited out of context. Although throughout the many centuries of pre-Zionist history, Jewish scholars never understood those verses to call for a nation state “For Jews Only” in Palestine, the Zionists are sure of their interpretation. Fortunately, the Zionists are mistaken. They are as wrong as the American white slaveowners who justified slavery using the Bible. The Covenant of God is not a real estate deed. It is a contract made between people and God, wherein God says, “I created you, therefore follow My Laws,” and the people reply in fear, “We hear and we obey.” God does not care where you live. He cares how you live.

When making the moral argument for Palestine, one quickly reaches a dead end: The Jews have already justified total genocide in their minds. Fellow Americans, these people live amongst us like Nazis in our midst. Do we have any obligation to tolerate this? If you don’t believe me, just go to your local rabbi and ask him what Judaism says concerning the human rights of Palestinians. He will most likely not even answer you. The Jews’ usual response is “I have no opinion about the Palestinian people. All I know is, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews.” If they are compassionate, they will say that perhaps a scholar far greater than themselves could answer the question of the proper way of dealing with the natives. But there is no conceptual framework in Judaism that provides any moral guidance on how to run a nation state.

The Jews by and large understand that Israel was created by ethnic cleansing. They understand that Israel’s existence is dependent on past and future displacement and disenfranchisement of Palestinians. They call this “Redeeming the Land of Israel.” According to the Covenant as they understand it, the property of Palestinians belongs to them, and God commanded them to kill the Palestinians. The Jews tacitly and explicitly endorse the massacre of Palestinians as morally justified by somehow failing to remember that the Palestinians did not start this war, and by imagining themselves as Joshua’s army. Joshua, in the Bible, was an Israelite prophet that commanded a mass execution of all the Canaanites at the behest of God. According to the Bible, the reason was because the Canaanites were idolaters who practiced child sacrifice. Hence, the frequent references by Jewish pseudo-intellectuals to the Palestinian religion as a death cult of child sacrifice…overlooking the obvious fact that it is Israel who has shot thousands of Palestinian youngsters. Palestinians are not murdering their own children. Furthermore, it is simply intellectually dishonest racism to suggest that Muslim and Christian Palestinians are pagans.

The Muslims have always been very clear as to what child sacrifice was and they do not approve of it. When the Muslims under Caliph Umar came to Egypt, they learned that the Egyptians used to throw a virgin girl into the Nile every year to appease the goddess of the Nile. They thought this would prevent it from flooding. The Muslim government applied some pressure and convinced the king of Egypt that next year they should try writing a prayer to Allah on a piece of paper and put that in the Nile instead of a virgin girl. They actually did it, and it worked. Notice how the Caliph did not use a moral argument, which would have been as ineffective against the pagans as with Zionists, who are themselves idolaters worshipping a death cult called Blood and Soil Nationalism. And that is the story of how the Egyptians, after so many centuries of paganism, finally gave up idol worship and accepted the religion of Moses! It is most commendable that the traditional Islamic approach to a real, existing culture of idolatrous child murderers was not “Kill them all!” but a process of gradual deprogramming through the use of intellectual reasoning.

Zionist reasoning is that since the ancient Israelites were ordered by God to kill every last one of the Canaanites, it must therefore be morally righteous for some other Jews at some later date in history to mass murder Palestinians. The justification for killing them is simply that they deserve to die. Zionism is just one of many European genocidal racist movements that arose in the last century. But Jewish ethnic nationalism was never part of traditional Judaism. In all of the history of Judaism before it was rewritten by Zionists, the Jews were always taught that God had put them out of Palestine on account of their sins, and therefore they ought to repent and wait for the Messiah in a state of humility. All mainstream Jews nowadays, whether the new orthodox, conservative, or liberal, quickly dismiss the rabbis of old as archaic, fossilized remains of the past. The long-standing historical tradition of Jewish theology is simply thrown out of the window as if it were irrelevant to Jewish understanding. Zionism is championed as the true spirit of Judaism. And perhaps the Zionists are right in this regard. Throughout the centuries, Jewish thought evolved from an immature tribal conception of “my God is better than your god” to a spiritual maturity based on universal moral ethics. Much of the moral content in rabbinical Judaism, which arose after the Muslims conquered Jerusalem, is borrowed or learned from Islam. Now, the Zionists, the “true Jews” are rejecting this injection of foreign intellectualism and going back to the true Judaic spirit of tribalism and war. Indeed, Zionists say that that their God is a deity other than Allah.

Zionists find it frustrating that Muslims reject the Bible as a final authority and use it more as a cross-reference to the Quran. Even if we were to accept the Bible verses they quote as true, Muslims don’t accept the Zionist interpretation of the Covenant. We rely on moral reasoning to analyze the Bible, and come up with a universal ethical principle using the Children of Israel as an example for all nations. For example, when Zionists read the story of Moses they get something out of it like this: Israelites = Good. Egyptians = Bad. In the Islamist reading of the same story we get a warning from Allah to all human beings to remember that Humble Servants of Allah = Good. Haughty Rejecters of Truth = Bad.

The Zionists say, “Show us your scripture where it says Israel does not belong to the Jews.” The only way to answer that is to explain the entire moral code of Islam. The religion of Abraham is not something to be bought and sold for a price. The Quran is the Book of Allah bearing witness against the Jews. He calls the Jews to give up their ethnic superiority complex and commands them to bow down with those who bow down. God is telling the Jews to pray side by side with their Arab brothers and sisters in worship of the One God. Allah invites the self-proclaimed Chosen Ones to join the Community of Islam. No one who has opened the Quran can argue that Mohammed was not a prophet for the Jews. In the Quran, God addresses the Children of Israel directly, confronts them about their Jewish racist tribalism, and employs references from the Torah and Bible to support His arguments. “Then woe to those who write The Book with their own hands, and then say, “This is from Allah,” to traffic with it for a miserable price!” God admonishes the Jews, accusing them of lying about the Covenant by claiming it applies only to themselves. “Woe to them for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby… Say: “Have ye taken a promise from Allah for He never breaks His promise? Or is it that ye say of Allah what ye do not know?” (2:79-80).

All people who call themselves Jews have a theological basis for their social identity even if they are not Zionists. Zionist Jews view their successful perpetration of mass murder and grand theft as evidence of God’s favor upon them. The only thing that can convince theologically-based Zionists that they are wrong is if they are forcibly removed from Palestine, as that would be an indication that God is not on their side. Only when militarily defeated will they submit to our philosophical position of moral reasoning.

Clearly, there are no moral guidelines in Jewish Law, other than genocide and enslavement, for the treatment of conquered peoples, as one would find in Islamic Law. While Islam views humans as stewards of the earth, and Muslims consider themselves God’s appointed defenders of religious freedom for people of all religions, Judaism neither proclaims respect for other people’s prophets nor guarantees any respect of other people, nor even of the environment, except in so far as they are useful to the Jewish community. This fact alone makes it clear that if the principles of individual liberty, majority rule, and world peace are to prevail, then it would make far more sense for the Jews to agree to live as minorities in an Islamic state where they would have legal protection backed up by threats and warnings from God, rather than forcing the Arab majority to live as if they were minorities within a Jewish state which has no legal protection nor any moral qualms regarding the lives and property of non-Jews.

March 12, 2009

Wearing Hijab in America

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I cannot even begin to talk about the hijab (Islamic dress, translated as “covering”) without first looking at the big picture and raising the question of what exactly we are trying to accomplish with our endeavors in this life in this land. Foremost, let’s look at the sordid state of affairs that we are contending with; think of all the things happening in this world:

The earth is being ravaged by industrial toxic technology. Rainforests are being burned and destroyed. The atmosphere is being shredded, wildlife and marine life are becoming extinct. The world lies in wait of nuclear holocaust at the touch of a button, while the slow leak of poisons spreads insidiously into our drinking water and dust particles. Topsoil erosion from overuse of pesticides has laid much of the earth’s surface to waste. Thousands of homes lie vacant while thousands of men, women and children are homeless. 20 to 30% of Americans now have herpes, which is an incurable disease. Cancers and auto immune dysfunction are becoming increasingly common. Allergies are rampant. This is because our physical bodies are part of this earth, and cannot be separated from the environment. We are suffering because our mother earth is being devastated and abused. And I have hardly even touched upon social injustice and political oppression.

Confronted with such a bleak portrait of reality, we must ask, how do we deal with those in power who are responsible for all this? In fact, Allah talks about the people of Moses in the Quran who were asking similar questions. Al hamdulillah, Allah already knew that the Pharoah would meet a sorry end, just as we know that capitalism is on its last legs today, even though it gives the appearance of being very powerful. Moses did not tell the Israelites to go and kill the Pharoah. Instead, he told his followers to concentrate their energy on their homes and their communities and to establish their connection with Allah. This is an example of how we can go about quietly struggling against evil.

And, hijab is precisely one of the symbols of this struggle. It is a sign that says, “I believe in Allah and I believe in forbidding what is evil and encouraging what is good.” It is an outward acknowledgement of an inner faith for which we are willing to sacrifice our egos and work hard for, in order to bring about positive social change.

In itself, hijab will not free the oppressed, feed the hungry, or create a moral society. It is a statement to the world that you KNOW you are a person of great value, worthy of being treated with decency and dignity, simply because Allah created you.

Keeping this empowering concept of hijab in mind, lets examine how women are treated in westernized society. You will see a striking parallel between the way the capitalist world system thinks of the earth and how they view women. If one word were to describe both, it would be EXPLOITATION.

In America, a lot of girls grow up not having any idea that they are worth anything. They see how everything is used for its commercial value and they feel insecure about their spiritual worth as human beings. This is because we see people having to think constantly in terms of consumer products. For example, the breakfast cereal in the prettiest box will be the most expensive, and this will bear no relation to the nutritional value of the cereal. And when it comes to women, we see on TV beautiful girls being used to sell everything from laundry detergent to cars, and the society puts such an emphasis on physical attractiveness that young girls will try so hard to look like these fashion models. When I was 12 years old I started taking diet pills, and I was on a diet for the next ten years until I became Muslim, al hamdulillah.

The truth about American society is that women are expected to sell themselves in order to be successful. That is, they have to make their bodies into a pretty package in order to be accepted socially or in order to get a job. Among the lower income, women will find that if they get a job as a waitress they will have to work very hard to act cute and pleasing and even flirtatious, in order to get good tips. But even professional women have to think in this way in order to get ahead. My mother, who has a PhD and works as a university administrator, was actually told that it is a department rule that all female employees must wear pantyhose. This is so sick. This is saying that no matter how hard you work or how educated you are, first and foremost, you must show your legs.

So, I believe that the hijab is a very firm way to say no to using your body for the sake of gaining commercial advantage. It is a way of saying that you refuse to participate in the exploitation of living beings for whatever profit. It says that you know you are worth something beyond being an object of pleasure for any and all. So in a small yet large way, to wear hijab is to fight against capitalism and greed. We are evidence that you have a choice. You can say no to capitalist, exploitation and destruction.


It is true that there are many difficulties involved with wearing the hijab in American society. And we have to be prepared for this and understand where it comes from. First of all, we have to realize that some people are going to react to you in a hostile manner. However, it is important to realize that it is not a personal but a political issue. If someone curses at you for wearing hijab it is because they hate Islam, and it shows that they are racist, sexist, and oblivious to their Creator. Also, some people’s behavior may change towards you once you start wearing hijab, from being pleasant to extremely or subtly rude. Why is that? It is because you have rejected the idea that a woman’s role is to be cute and act stupid in order to make men’s egos feel good. You are showing them that you respect yourself and that you know who you are and you don’t feel it necessary to sell yourself by showing off your beauty just like a box of Sugar Pops.

Also, look at where you are living — there are plenty of places where Muslims are treated with respect. So if your family is having a really hard time as Muslims it could be that you are living in the wrong neighborhood. When I lived in a certain suburb, people used to yell at me out of their car windows. But when I lived in downtown, every time I went out of my house, someone would say to me, “Asalaam alaikum!” That felt really good, to be recognized as a Muslim.

Another problem you may face is finding a job. After all, it cannot be denied that when you give up that “cute” look, a lot of employment opportunities are going to be denied to you. But then again, broaden your horizon. If jobs like waitressing are denied to you, others like working in an office or school may still be available. Hijab can stimulate us to get creative and find new ways of making money, or of meeting your needs without using as much money. This is a way that forces each family to struggle against greed on an individual level as well.

Thirdly, you must always remember that no matter how educated you are, you still have the right to be supported by your husband and if it is too stressful for you to go out and fight the power every day, you can work in the home without guilt. The brothers also need to realize that the best treasure you can have is a believing wife.

Lastly, I want to address the fear that a lot of sisters may have that wearing hijab will alienate them from American society. I have been wearing hijab now for 6 years and I can assure you that actually the opposite is true. In America, the hijab does not mean seclusion. In fact, you will be compelled to talk to people constantly because every day you will be asked questions about Islam. Wearing hijab is like holding up a sign that says, “If you want to know about Islam, just ask me.” Remember that when you put on the hijab you are reaching out to help others. You are not rejecting them. Rather, you could really help a lot of women and men too, by creating a positive image of true beauty. If you could encourage just one girl to save herself from being used, because of the example you have set, think of how much pain and agony you will have helped her to avoid. And if you could teach just one person the beauty of Islam, isn’t that worth so much?

On that note, I conclude by saying, we are proud to be Muslim, so why hide it?

So, verily, with every difficulty, there is ease. Verily, with every difficulty, there is ease. Therefore, when you are free from your immediate task, still labor hard, And to your Lord turn all your attention. (94:5-8)

February 24, 2009

Islamo-Christianity is Here

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I have an article brewing entitled “Islamo-Christianity is here.” My thesis is that the Jews, with their secularization and multi-culturalism, tried to erode the Christian faith in the Church. However, no matter what they did, 95% levels (or more) of Americans believe in either God or angels. They can’t take it away from us. So we are left with this formless belief that there is a Creator, who sent down lots of different messengers who started different religions at different places and times, but it all about says the same thing: Love thy neighbor as thyself, and strive to be less egotistical and always be grateful to the One Who not only created you, but continues to give you life at each moment. You are powerless to control this force. It’s all good. Most Americans are spiritual rather than being attached to one religion or another. That’s Islam. The only reason people don’t realize it is because they have been lied to by Jews and Orientalists.

Orientalism is a field of western liberal education, that came from justifying colonialism, where they study other countries with the assumption that white European Christian society (the West) is superior to theirs. It’s typically looking at The Other as Exotic. If you go to college in the US that is what Eastern Studies or Arab Studies or African Studies usually deals with. Orientalists will tell you all this totall BS about the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) that comes from old Christian writings NOT Islamic scripture.

Jewish Reformation and Enlightenment theory dominates liberal Democrat secular society as well as leftist, anarchist and Zionist societies, whose philosophers are primarily Jewish. (Marx, Emma Goldman, Herschel). In German culture, Jews became reformed or enlightened in order to be able to fit in with the dominant culture, eat pork and dress in everyday clothes. The result of this however is that Christians too began to belittle religion in general. A tacit societal agreement emerged, that because the Jew gave up his religion, the Christian should give up his religion too, to be secular. Israel Shamir talks about some of this in his writing.

“Neo-Judaism is the unofficial faith of the American Empire, and the war in the Middle East is indeed the Neo-Judaic Jihad… Neo-Judaism is the cult of globalism, neo-liberalism, destruction of family and nature, anti-spiritual and anti-Christian… But Islam is the last great reservoir of spirit, tradition and solidarity, and the Neo-Jews fight it with all firepower at their disposal… the war on Islam is a stage of the last war, the War on Christ… Thus the actions of the Neo-Jews eventually lead to the profanation of the world, and, on another level, to liberation from the limitations imposed by the society and God, to the victory of individualism.” []

To quote my husband Joachim Martillo, “Piety towards God and righteousness toward one’s fellow man represent the core of the Gospel teaching.”

The Gospel is one of the four books of Islam, which include in their original form the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms, and the Quran. Whether you call the Gospel Christianity or Islam, striving for righteousness as followers of God through the guidance of prophets and with faith in the Messiah, summarizes the basic idea. The point of all true religion is to teach mankind the difference between right and wrong. There is a difference between right and wrong and the difference is clear. In fact, if your relationship with your soul is pure you probably don’t even need to be told. But nobody is pure and we all need some basic guidelines for human life to continue smoothly.

That’s what prophets are for. Faith in the scripture is based on the belief that God gave certain people wisdom, which they transmitted to others, about how to maximize our success during our life journey. Not all people have time to go inside and meditate and let go of our ego to the point we are riding a winged horse to Jerusalem to lead the prayer with Abraham, Jesus and Moses to ascend to the Throne of Allah. Most of us cannot do this because we are busy trying to survive. That is why we trust the sacred teachings and we interpret them within our own selves as to what verses have the most resonance at a given moment. We don’t believe them to be true, we know them to be true because we read them.

“Verily, for the righteous are Gardens of delight in the Presence of their Lord. Shall we then treat the people of Faith like the people of Sin? What is the matter with you? How judge you?” [Al-Quran 68:34-36]

To me, this verse makes me think immediately of those who equate Palestinian self-defense with Israeli aggression. How can you say they are equally evil when Israel is preventing people from getting water? To someone else, this verse will say something on another level that relates to their needs.

That’s what Islam is all about. Like the inverse of the Hell’s Angels saying, “We don’t choose our members, we recognize them,” Muslims are those who recognize the ancient voice of God in the Quran and they realize they have always believed that, like they recognize the veins on the back of their own hands.

Pagan societies work hard to create idols and then worship them. We imagine a thin woman, who we want to be. We meditate all day about being empty and clean and serene, reciting affirmations to ourselves. But is this a religion? The Quran states:

“Say: Do ye then take (for worship) protectors other than Him, such as have no power either for good or for harm to themselves?” [Al-Quran 13:16]

If I weigh 90 pounds or 190 pounds, and I have weighed both, is that going to matter on the Last Day?

Becoming a responsible person is about long term planning. Instead of counting calories think about how many people you could be feeding with the amount of dollars you’ve got. It’s a mental revolution.

February 10, 2009

Maria on Domestic Abuse

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Not to step on anyone’s toes but I must also point out that women are also the problem. Lack of self esteem in women more precisely. There are varying types of abuse: emotional abuse, emotional neglect, physical neglect, and physical abuse. A person is more able to tolerate that which she has been exposed to in her childhood. Each woman has to decide what she, personally, can tolerate and where is the line. If her husband crosses that line, she must pack up her things, take her kids, go somewhere safe, and contact a lawyer. Credit card checks come in handy until you can get a hold of your father. Don’t waste your time with “free legal advice” or “women’s empowerment organizations.” You need to get a lawyer and file for child support the day you leave. Go to and bid for a hotel room at 1/3 the price. If God gives you the permission to leave (you must pray istikhara), you should go. If you don’t, you risk being guilty of not protecting your children from negative influences. It could only take one night with you gone for him to wake up. It is definitely worth a try, in order to save your marriage and family.

It doesn’t have to be physical abuse. If a mother is living in a situation where her husband disrespects or belittles her as a general attitude, the children will not be able to respect her and obey her and she will not be able to guide them. If she values her role as a mother on this earth, she needs to either firmly insist that her husband be “on her side” or else get out of there quick. She should trust Allah for the sustainence. You cannot allow anyone to disrespect you in front of your children. Your children are more important than your marriage. She can find another man who is not corrupt.

If a woman truly loves her husband, but he has some emotional maturity issues, she still has to separate from him from for the sake of the kids. Usually, within five years, a man will begin to miss his wife and realize what a schmuck he was. It can take time. But if she doesn’t go, then she’s giving him the permission to act that way and the children will not be raised in an emotionally secure atmosphere, and this will result in permanent damage.

It is totally possible for a single woman or a remarried woman to raise her kids in an emotionally secure environment. It’s just a matter of making that your priority.

The biggest fear is the fear of change. That is a lack of faith in Allah. Life is a journey and the secret to a long life is knowing when it’s time to go. In this day of global communication you can find a new husband within two weeks. I know women with diseases who are not even good looking who find new husbands. All you have to do is be available.

Even if you were to simply stand by the side of the road with your children asking for a ride from a stranger, I guarantee God is going to send you an angel to help you. This is your life and your soul. You can’t answer for him. The mother is responsible to protect the children and that includes not allowing them to witness her being diminished by others.

February 6, 2009

Maria’s Marriage Advice

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A friend of mine is planning on writing a book on marriage from the Islamic perspective so I put my 2 cents in:

Christians tend to fall in love and get married. They usually have a wonderful first year of marriage, and then it goes downhill. So, in order to rescue a marriage they have to remember why they fell in love in the first place, and practice having good manners and communication skills.

But for Muslims, the problem is that they tend to marry someone they hardly know. The first year of marriage is usually very hard. There is no period of happiness to look back on. Marriage is almost like a job. It’s worse than a job. The main focus seems to be on “tolerating” each other. Our approach should be to help Muslim couples learn to like each other hopefully before they get married.

I think also one of the hardest things in the Muslim world is because a lot of people are emotionally damaged from witnessing acts of violence or some emotional family trauma from the past. This can cause people to shut down and not really view others as human. So the wife becomes “that irritating woman” – the man is just a “dick with a wallet.” Once you label a person, then anything they do is seen through this distorted lens.

Probably a good approach would be to emphasize marriage as a path to spiritual awakening. The Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said: “Marriage is half the faith.” Marriage can lead to joy but more importantly, the emotional maturation process that comes from gradually learning to detach from your ego.

Many people think it’s enough to just be married. You don’t have to learn how to love with your heart, or how to keep on giving and being just even when you don’t feel that loving. Muslim men sometimes think that love and true friendship is not a requirement of marriage, as long as they are paying the bills. They just shut down, and submit to an unhappy existence, trapped together due to societal expectations.

Marriage should be emphasized as a spiritual practice for learning to reduce ego attachment, a form of meditation and seeking God [dhikr]. When the relationship has problems, it is a mirror to help you discover your own inner self, your reactions and motivations, and to recover forgotten memories.

In Catholic churches, when they do pre-marital and marital counseling, what they do is ask questions that give you topics to discuss that help you understand each others’ feelings.

For me, the questions I would advise my kids to think about first and foremost before marriage:

Do you enjoy each others’ company? Do you laugh together? Does conversation come easily or with difficulty? Are you attracted to each other? When you are apart, can you feel the other thinking about you? Do you support each others’ plans, dreams and goals in life? Do you like talking about the same topics? Are there any activities that you both enjoy? Do you have the same expectations of the requirements of the wedding, marriage and family? Do you feel strongly about the other person’s bad habits? Does the other person admire or feel alienated by your strongest qualities? Are you hoping the other person is going to change after marriage or can you take them as they are? Will you still enjoy their company after they lost their good looks? When you are with them, do you find yourself toning down your true personality in order to seem more pleasing?

Other factors include language, culture and social class differences. Is the extended family going to give your spouse a hard time? If so – is it fair to expose them to this type of long term emotional abuse?

It’s important to find out ahead of time: Is he or she the kind of person that says everything they think as they are thinking it, or do they hold back information? Do they ask for their needs or wait for you to notice?

When I decided to leave my husband it was because he told me “I love you but I don’t like you.” I felt that if he couldn’t find anything about me to like after 5 years, we cannot stay together because there is nothing more insulting than someone just staying with you ‘for the sake of the kids’. I believe the dislike came from his tendency to label me negatively if he didn’t understand a behavior, rather than try to understand where I’m coming from. I was always just his “white lady.” He didn’t know how I am different from other white women. His main concern was that I should fit in with the other Muslim women. It turned out that I was holding him back from what he wanted to do with his life, namely fit in with the group, and he was holding me back from fulfilling my goals and dreams, which involves forging ahead of the group in order to work on solving the problems of the world.

In the end I realized that he did love me but the bottom line was he really just wanted to have sex with me. He didn’t actually have the strength to incorporate me into his life full time. He should have just made a private marriage with me if he was smart. It was the involvement of the family and community that destroyed the relationship. They told him that because he married me, that he had betrayed his people, and that kind of thing. He was filled with guilt and shame that people thought it was a “love marriage.” The truth was that I was not even attracted to him. I married him for religion.

I believe that in a successful marriage, “I” and “You” become “We.” The couple thinks as a team and feels as a team. There are probably some spiritual exercises that can help this happen. It’s really important to put “We” before the rest of the world. Otherwise every time you go out, the spouse becomes embarrassed of you. I remember my husband always judging me after a social occasion on the way home. “You talk too much, it’s humiliating.” or “Why didn’t you talk? You embarrass me.” Clearly he was determined to view me negatively no matter what I did.

If we had done a temporary marriage first, or if we simply had gone out for dinner like normal Americans, we may not even have had a second date. The truth was we didn’t have much to talk about. I would have found him too uptight and he would have found me too wild, and that would be the end. It was because we were trying to be so Islamic that we married a near stranger and went through so much pain learning that not everyone is compatible.

He took the time to take me out for fun somewhere finally, when I was threatening to divorce him – and it was really enlightening and almost amusing to realize how little he understood about me and how little he cared to share. After five years of marriage, we had no idea what to talk about other than politics or Dajjal (the Anti-Christ). We just didn’t find each other that interesting.

Before I was Muslim, I briefly dated an Indian Hindu man. What happened was he took me out to dinner a few times and he always sat like 5 feet away from me. He was very modest. I found him nice but I had no attraction to him. He had an experience though, which my husband unfortunately only had after I left him. When the Hindu man was visiting my home, which I shared with a friend, he saw my room. It was just a mattress on the floor, a rug for prayer and meditation, a brick that I used for a table that had some dried flower petals in a dish, and a small bookshelf. Something about glimpsing my private space made him say to me, “All the other people at work always say bad things about you but the truth is, you are the nicest person I have ever met in my life.”

He seemed like a sweet child who liked to give me presents. His mother found out he was seeing me, had a fit, and forced him to break up with me. I didn’t even consider him my boyfriend, to me he was like a friend. He came over crying and saying he couldn’t marry me. I was surprised because I had no idea he wanted to marry me. Truthfully if he had asked me, I would have gently but certainly told him no! I had no attraction to him whatsoever. True, I could have grown to love him because he was so nice, but I was not heartbroken – not even a little – that he couldn’t marry me. In fact I found the strange situation slightly funny though sad that he suffered for me. He actually quit his job where I also worked, because it was too painful for him to see me anymore.

I believe that with my first husband, had we gone out to dinner a few times before marriage, probably by the second date I really would have been clear that I didn’t want to marry him. OR, we might have had a chance to become good friends and got some inner glimpse of each others’ true selves, before trying to start a family. In which case the marriage would have had more team spirit because it would be based on admiration and respect for the inner person.

My ex-husband told me, after he got married to another woman, now he realizes what a kind and forgiving person I was. However, his elder sisters chose and approved her so I guess that weird family power trip is what matters most in their culture. And people call Islam a patriarchal society?

No regrets though. I learned a lot of things from the experience, healed in many ways and was wounded in many ways, felt things I never felt before and will never feel again. To every thing there is a season.

January 24, 2009

Letter to a Jewish friend

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Dear Eve,

Sorry for the delayed response. It’s hard to focus with the kids about, and often by evening my brain is mush.

It wasn’t clear from your communications where you stand, but my life was utterly wrecked by your mass murder spree over Christmas. I say “Your” because you have Chosen to identify with the mass murderer, even though it would be better for your soul if you did not. So, although it’s easier on you apparently, but many of us were so disturbed by Israel’s crimes that we canceled all our engagements for a week or two, in order to cope with the trauma. So obviously, I don’t feel very much like dealing with Jews now, especially one who expresses no shame, remorse or repentance over Israel and Zionism. I actually find your dismissive attitude absolutely outrageous and criminal in its wickedness.

And I admit I was still bowled over by the pleasant tone your first communication, despite the fact that you were engaging in a shameless display of racism and utter contempt for human life, lost in the illusions of ethnic narcissism. Don’t take this personally because I’ve always found you to be a friendly person, but the Palestinian babies you just fried are worth only half a sentence? Do you have any idea how much you have hurt people with this level of indifference? Do you realize how much you hurt people with your casual indifference? Shouldn’t you be traumatized as we are? If I belonged to a Zionist organization, I’d be pulling out chunks of hair and sobbing awake my nights. I’d certainly be renouncing my connection to Israel by now, contemplating suicide and possibly homicide… Why aren’t you? I have to admit that you come across as someone deeply, deeply evil. If I were you I’d be doing everything I can to stop Israel.

I take Jewish genocidalism very seriously because it’s happening right in front of me. I am dedicated to studying the Jewish behaviors that result in genocide and the defense of genocide. I don’t view the Iraq and Afghan and possible Iran wars as separate wars. There are some Jews who do get out of the enmeshment in Zionist genocidalist ideology, but it is very very hard. You disapprove of how Israel is behaving. Israel is not a child coloring on the walls. Israel is a violent international organized crime network that exists on extortion and genocide. All Jews who value human life should be rushing to pull the plug on Israel. But instead …? You are brushing off your old Jewish Advocacy training skills? And I can tell you are a little rusty. Living in Ann Arbor makes a person lazy. People are so afraid to question Jewish racism.

The 1000 years of unique Jewish pain leading up to the holocaust is standard Jewish Zionist religious doctrine, and is about as historically accurate as Moses parting the Red Sea. This dogmatic nonsense serves to shield Jews from their crimes and gives Jews a unique sense of entitlement to”rights” that no one else has. You also demonstrate serious indoctrination with your deeply rooted knee jerk reactions to protect a world view that grants you privilege.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Israeli atrocities, which are daily, for 20 years. I saw how American Jews came up with lawsuits depriving people in the US of their Constitutional liberties for 20 years. The Jenin Massacre changed my life forever as that was when the true ugly face of Jews came out in America, with their support for Israel while Israel is preventing the rescue of people buried under the rubble of their own homes. Palestinians had no machinery to dig out their relatives from the rubble, and those who tried the impossible task of removing the rubble with their bare hands were shot. The people under the rubble talked with their families with their cell phones until the batteries ran out. The world watched and waited in total and utter terrified despair. All Americans who tried to talk to a Jew during those days is still suffering from the stress. What emotional manipulations! What deceit! What arrogance! To justify burying people alive!

Every one of those children that died under Israel’s assault over New Years was my child. So people like you, that participate in the support of Israel’s existence, is someone I view as having murdered my children in my arms.

I have watched the Jewish community come together to fight against divestment from Israel. They truly had no sense of shame, nor any seeming loyalty to the United States taxpayer. The charade that Jews play, where they act like it’s unfair to discuss how Jews support Israel when atrocities are involved, was exposed as a hoax by the Liberal-Neocon campaign waged through the JCRC, because as soon as cutting off funding to Israel is involved, then all the Jewish sicko racists crawl out of the woodwork “supporting Israel’s right to exist” at our expense. And I mean, they are passionate about making Americans pay for their criminal activities. The mayor and governor even got a free trip to Israel funded by the AJC. I am sorry but I imagine you could have been one of those awful, hateful Jews “standing with Israel.”

So that’s where I am now. I admit I have not yet read your letters because I don’t deal well with genocidal racists. Zionists make me very nervous. My grandfather was tortured to death in a prison camp during WWII and I have inherited the trauma. I really cannot deal with people who can mass murder families in their homes, or torture prisoners, for any reason. I am dedicated to stopping the evil that Israel is, and that begins by stopping the idea that Jews are people you can’t discuss. I break the taboo for the sake of God, and humanity. Israel must be stopped.

I will read your stuff. I just need my husband to be with me when I read it. As I mentioned, genocidal racists really freak me out, and anyone who thinks Israel has a “right” to “exist” is by definition a killer and a genocidal racist freak.



January 23, 2009

Breastfeeding in Islam

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The Importance Of Breastfeeding To The Muslim Child
By Maria Hussain
Islam Online, New Jersey

“The mothers shall give suck to their offspring for two whole years, if the father desires to complete the term. But he shall bear the cost of their food and clothing on equitable terms…If they both decide on weaning, by mutual consent, and after due consultation, there is no blame on them. If ye decide on a foster-mother for your offspring there is no blame on you, provided ye pay (her) what ye offered, on equitable terms. But fear Allah and know that Allah sees well what ye do.” (2:233)

Given the importance of breastfeeding in the Islamic religion, the low rates of compliance among Muslim women in North America are puzzling. Although a formal research study has not been conducted, it seems upon observation that the breastfeeding rate among Muslim women is actually lower than among the population at large. There are small pockets of “fundamentalist” Muslim women who are well educated and adamant about nursing their children under their chadors, and who often practice natural childbirth and home schooling. However, those mothers who nurse their babies past the age of one year are the exception rather than the rule. There seems to be a lighthearted attitude among the general Muslim populace towards the bottle-feeding of infants. It is not frowned upon, and it is rarely something people even question. Perhaps it is a lack of education about the benefits of breastfeeding, combined with an absence of a support network to assist the new mother. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding of the meaning of weaning.

Understood in the general sense, weaning means the gradual transfer from feeding the baby exclusively breast-milk to table foods only. This can happen sometime during the toddler period of life, usually between the ages of 1 and 3. Transferring the child to animal and vegetable foods before he even had any teeth, was not done by the early Muslims. The most likely option, if a mother declined to breastfeed her infant, was the employment of a wet-nurse for the child. For the newborn Muslim child, the intimate breastfeeding relationship is a right. It is beyond dispute that two full years of breast-milk provide a baby with long-term health benefits such as the prevention of ear infections and allergies, as well as providing a foundation of trust between mother and child. It has been proven that a bottle-fed baby will be a weaker child, and that breastfed babies often have higher IQ’s and are more emotionally well adjusted.

In Islamic terms, weaning is a process that is administered by mutual consent, with the full intention of both parents who have decided that this is the best thing for the family. But in my conversations with sisters in various states who had given up nursing in favor of bottle-feeding, the sense is a feeling of powerlessness over the situation. These mothers often wanted very much to nurse their child. But somehow, they lost their chance. This tragedy is largely caused by a hospital system that does little to promote exclusive breastfeeding of newborns. In most hospitals, the new mothers receive free samples of formula to take home. This is a result of multi-million dollar deals between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies who pay the doctors to promote their products. This practice is highly unethical because little or no education about the dangers of bottle-feeding the infant is given to the new mothers. Many Muslim mothers, especially those who don’t speak English well and therefore are not able to question the nurses, come home with their babies already addicted to the bottle. Although at this point, all is not yet beyond hope, coaxing a newborn child to breastfeed, after he has been bottle-fed even just once or twice, can be a big struggle. It may not succeed without the aid of a lactation counselor, because unfortunately, even the older generation of mothers and mothers-in-law lack the knowledge of how to breastfeed. Thus, the likelihood of bottle-feeding is very high among immigrant and minority women in the U.S.

So many women have given up nursing out of a feeling of powerlessness to get the baby to nurse. Because this is not a decision to wean, but rather the result of lack of adequate help, this situation cannot simply be dismissed under the heading, “there is no blame.” Something is terribly wrong when Muslim women are giving up breastfeeding due to lack of education, counseling, and support. It reveals a stripping away at the postnatal rights of the Muslim woman to be in a state of rest for 40 days after childbirth. It also points to a fundamental lack of self-esteem in the mothers, that already at the age of 4 days old, she is allowing the child to make important decisions that will hurt him, rather than taking command of the situation and turning it around. If the child is rejecting the breast, the most common reaction is to try for a while, and then give up and give him a bottle. This teaches him that all he has to do is fuss and refuse to nurse, and he will be rewarded by a free-flowing bottle of formula. The only solution to this power struggle is for the mother to practice a bit of “tough love,” to refuse to give the baby a bottle, even if it takes several hours for the baby to nurse willingly. (If the baby gets dehydrated, he can take water with a cup or medicine dropper). All this requires the support and help of the father and other family members, to allow the mother and child to be together undisturbed as much as possible for the first 40 days of the baby’s life.

Many Muslim women manage to make it through those hardest days in the beginning and then give up breastfeeding after the baby is less than 6 months old. The most common reason given is, “I was afraid I wasn’t producing enough milk.” At this point, a lactation advisor could have told her to increase her own consumption of calories and to get adequate rest. Under no circumstances should she give the baby a bottle because this will only decrease her supply of breast-milk. But it is so rare for Muslim women to seek advice further than their doctors, who often do not give adequate help. Sometimes it is actually the doctor’s advice to start feeding their babies solids at age 3 months that leads to problems. Only with independent research will a mother be able to compare the “fun” of spoon-feeding her infant versus the risks of premature rejection of the breast.

How can we help the Muslim women of today to understand that Allah has made her able to feed her baby with the milk of her body? She needs to read books about breastfeeding and understand fully the commitment she is facing. She needs encouragement to seek help from a LaLeche League Leader or midwife if she runs into problems getting help from her doctor. Help is available. Women who receive adequate counseling are often able to sustain nursing even after returning to work outside the home. Premature infants can and should be breastfeed for the best odds in life. In fact, women who have never even been pregnant can actually stimulate the production of breast-milk for a foster child through the use of a special infant feeding device. The ability to feed your child the best that nature has to offer is your choice. Only after a successful and long-lasting breastfeeding relationship can weaning the baby truly be done by mutual and conscious consent. It will not simply be a tragic mistake to look back on with regret.

To locate a breastfeeding consultant in your area, call 1-800-LA-LECHE


Experience the miracle

November 25, 2008

Holy Land Foundation: Devastation of Justice

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Concerned Americans are in a state of grief. We all hoped for justice for the Holy Land Foundation from a trial by jury. But Americans are getting meaner and more absurd by the second, confused by Zionist media propaganda and bigotry. Goethe said, “There is no evil greater than wilful ignorance,” clearing up the question of whether they are stupid or evil. People don’t want to know.

And if they did know, so what. We’d just have a lot more depressed people in America.

Muslims blew it since 9/11 with all their interfaith dinners and “progressivism” and “isolating extremists” to make heir new Jewish friends happy and get rid of the Muslims who mention Palestine. You make friends with the devil it doesn’t mean the devil is going to protect you. Muslims make the mistake of thinking that just because Jews got to know you, therefore they wouldn’t hurt you. They would. Their friendship with you is entirely manipulative. I’m not talking about individuals I’m talking about these interfaith events. Muslims have been so busy trying to “understand” their Jewish Zionist neighbors that they allowed the Jewish leaders to step up its war on Islam.

And they are not done yet. Just last week another US citizen of Arab descent was kidnapped in Dubai by the US.

You would think that Americans are getting tired of all this detaining and torturing business but they are not! Not even the general public is ready to call it a day. We are dealing with psychopathic killers and that includes most Amercans. Because even if they didn’t themselves do the crime, they justified it in their minds and enabled it.

There is a very clear way to get rid of the Zionists and it probably at this point won’t work through education. Rather, we need to counter-manipulate. Steer the stupid meanness of Americans towards a more appropriate target. If they want to call you a terrorist, call them a traitor. Give it back to them. Bigots hate Muslims and Jews equally but there is a lot more money to be made by seizing the assets of Jewish billionares than by waging wars abroad.

Muslims need to wake up and realize that there is a war here, and just because you were proven innocent doesn’t mean they are not going to lock you up for life, and in any case devalue everything you’ve worked so hard to become.

Muslims need to abandon the left-wing protest agenda and start agitating on the basis of the Constitution, something all Americans even stupid ones say they agree with. Muslim Americans have not been demanding equal protection under the law aggressively enough.

The Muslims that were suing the David Project should never have dropped their lawsuit. They could have saved so many lives by using the lawsuit to continue getting more evidence of conspiracy with Steven Emerson and friends. But all they wanted to do was finish building their mosque. This is empty Islam. True, they were running out of money. They have millons of dollars in debts from even that partial lawsuit.

But Jews have found a way to make money from political persecution (real or imagined) while Muslims have not realized the great benefits of rallying around the “we are threatened” cause in order to turn money into more money.

There are so many things we can do that are proactive and I hope this wake up call will help Muslims get focused.

They have to give up the nepotism. They have to just understand that they are innocent and get over the hurt about “How could those people do this to us for no good reason?” The reason the Jews want to destroy Muslims is because Muslims could replace their social status group quite easily. We are more educated, more emotionally stable, and we outnumber them. All we need now is the self esteem and some personal, business, and political connections with people outside our immediate social network.

It’s important that the Muslim Students’ Association be funded, strengthened and guided by knowledgable elders. The students are the most potentially powerful group of Muslims in America because they have so many chapters and are all electronically linked. Only the Jews have networks like that. The fake Save Darfur story was marketed top-down through synagogues and student groups. Muslims could use a similar marketing strategy to promote something good and truthful and bring peace to America.

If we don’t take the steering wheel away from these madman, they will crash our world and it will be our fault because we were the only ones awake at the time.

October 17, 2008

What have we gained?

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Is it better now that the capitalist media “diversified” into showing more Black women’s bare legs instead of majority White women’s legs? So that Black girls too could become bullimic. In a way, one should realize that all of us are victimized by racial stereotypes and social behaviors in the media. Whites who never did anything to anyone grow up hating themselves for being white trash, blue-eyed devils, Nazis, blonde bimbos, slavers, the stereotypical heartless oppressor, etc leading to drug use and suicides. Media paints white people as to blame for all evil, especially white Christianity, which is responsible for the Crusades, and of course anti-semitism. White people cannot socially form groups in the way that all other ethnic groups are allowed to form groups. This has led to widespread homosexuality.

The only good person is a secular person who shops a great deal, according to the media. The bankers want all ethnic groups to hate themselves, to get self-destructively neurotic, and so be easy to manipulate against one another. The Jewish TV encourages white Christians to feel ashamed of their own culture and to intermarry with other ethnic groups, so that the Jewish elite will be the only ones with some kind of “lineage.”

Stereotypes aside, I think there are some real reasons for concern in Black America. I don’t really understand why it always seems to be white teachers and black students, almost like some kind of missionary system financed by the government. Don’t black people ever go into education? Maybe it’s just Boston, because we have so many upper class colleges, and so many of the graduates go on to try and “help the poor.”

I am very concerned about something I am noticing in the public school and that is autism. It seems to affect all races but I was alarmed to hear so many black mothers wondering if or being told that their child is autistic. The school has an entire wing dedicated to autistic children, while other autistic children are in the normal classroom with a support worker.

I can’t think of any reason for why black children would be experiencing high rates of autism except

- mothers not breastfeeding
- over-vaccination at young age
- false autism diagnoses due to some behavior problems caused by other factors

Both white women I know whose children are autistic were taking anti-psychotic medication during pregnancy.

The Pakistani child I know who is autistic comes from a family that seems to be very sensitive to vaccinations.

I am kind of worried about the nonchalance with which African American women return to work within days of giving birth. I also worry about the immigrant community’s over-reliance on bottle feeding. The ethnic group most likely to practice full time breastfeeding, natural birth, avoidance of vaccines and antibiotics, and “attachment parenting” is the Jewish.

All the white women I grew up as kids with as close friends are pushing forty and still no marriage or children. One of them got herself impregnate by two (different) black men but is raising her kids in a white lesbian couple.

By contrast, more black women seem to get pregnant young and think about career later. This seems to be connected to more grandmother and mother support within the family to raise the child of the unmarried woman. White women are expected to be economically self-sufficient and if they were to raise a child living with their parents it would be shameful.

White women are often shoved out of the family home as a burden to the family years before marriage. It does not appear that this type of (lack of) parenting exists in the black community, even in single parent homes.

Early pregnancy while single does lead to poverty though. So there ought to be some way of campaigning to women about saving themselves. That doesn’t mean don’t have sex. It just means get married to a guy with a job! Have some self-respect! And if you are really smart, then make him pay all your bills and refuse to get a job, even if it means you have to live in one room and share one bed.

Muslims need to develop the same kind of urgency that Jews feel about procreating themselves. We need to have as many children as possible and raise them to be the best kind of people out there. The world is trying to holocaust us.

June 10, 2013

Timeline of Zionist Criminality

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Timeline of Zionist Criminality

Supporting the existence of a State for Jews is a total betrayal of
fundamental American values.


Forced transfer of native Palestinian population proposed by
Zionist leader Theodor Herzl.

Racist Eastern European settlers organize to terrorize the native
people of Palestine.

Zionists collaborate with Nazis to fund the creation of a Jewish
State on Palestinian land.

Arab leaders offer asylum to European Jews fleeing the Nazis and
present a plan for legal Jewish immigration to Arab countries.
Zionist leader Ben-Gurion refuses offer and condemns millions of
Jews to death.

Zionists begin genocide of Palestinians to create a racist Jewish
State. Arab states attempt humanitarian intervention but fail.

Israel destroys hundreds of Biblical villages, murders or expels
700,000 to 1,000,000 Palestinians.

Israel wages two aggressive, premeditated wars against Arab
nations, grabs land from Syria, Egypt, and Jordan, expels hundreds
of thousands of people, and kills thousands of Egyptian and
Palestinian prisoners.

Israel invades Lebanon and starts a war in which 20,000 Lebanese
civilians are killed. 2,000 unarmed Palestinian women, children and
old men are massacred at Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps.

Arafat initiates the Middle East Peace Process at the UN General
Assembly in Geneva.

Oslo agreement solidifies Israel’s apartheid system and
disenfranchises Palestinian refugees.

Arafat rejects Israel’s “generous offer” to imprison
Palestinian natives on isolated reservations.

Israel begins construction of a 650-km Wall to surround and starve
Palestinian population areas.
Israel attacks Jenin refugee camp with bulldozers and buries
Palestinians alive in the rubble.

Israeli bulldozer deliberately crushes and kills 23-year old
American peace activist Rachel Corrie while she takes part in
nonviolent protest to stop the demolition of a Palestinian doctor’s

Worldwide Boycott of Israeli products, vacations, and investments
gains momentum.

Racist Ethnic Ashkenazi Neoconservatives manipulate the USA into
attacking Iraq for the benefit of Israel and to the detriment of the
national interest. Americans die for Israel. American wealth is
wasted for Israel. The increasing debt needed to support Zionist-
dictated policy threatens the economic well being of all Americans.
Now the USA is directly involved in the same sort of criminal
occupation that the State of Israel maintains. Increasing hatred of
the USA spreads throughout the world.

Support the Palestinian Right to Return.


Endnotes and References

1902 Muhammad Ali Khalidi details the forced transfer plan in
“Utopian Zionism or Zionist Proselytism? The Journal of Palestine
Studies, 120, Volume XXX, Number 4, Summer 2001, pp. 55-67. A
careful reading of Altneuland by Herzl is also worthwhile. A
carefully prepared edition may be found in ‘Wenn ihr wollt, ist es
kein Märchen’ from Juedischer Verlag bei Athenaem. Walid Khalidi
reproduces and analyzes the forced transfer text in “The Jewish-
Ottoman Land Company: Herzl’s Blueprint for the Colonization of
Palestine, Journal of Palestine Studies 21, no. 2 (Winter 1993), pp.

1908 Zionist paramilitary groups existed before 1908, but haShomer,
which is the best known, was founded in that year. Asher Ginzburg or
Ahad ha`Am) criticizes them; he even accuses them of ‘fundraising,’
creating incidents that could be used in campaigns to solicit
contributions. Rashid Khalidi provides a good discussion in
Palestinian Identity on pp 89-117 of Bar Giora and HaShomer, which
were paramilitaries established to prevent Palestinians from
exercising water rights. Zionism and the Arabs (1882 – 1948) by
Yosef Gorny (p. 100) discusses Ahad ha`Am’s opinion of Zionist
attempts to suppress the native population. Dr. B. Hofman discusses
the Zionist militias and their intimidation and terrorization of the
native Palestinian population in Meyn Reyze in Erets Yisroel. Anita
Shapira includes a somewhat mendacious discussion of early Zionist
terrorism in Hereb hayyonah.

1933-39 Because of the close collaboration of Zionists and Nazis
during the 1930s, Hannah Arendt called this period the Zionist phase
of Nazism (viz. Heidegger’s Children by Richard Wolin). Edwin
Black’s book, The Transfer Agreement, is the standard text on Nazi-
Zionist collaboration. It makes clear that the transfer of funds
from Nazi Germany under this agreement made the Jewish State

1934 Al-Jabiri, Ihsan, ‘La Visite de M. Ben Gurion – la delegation
Syro-Palestinienne Geneve, La Nation Arabe (Nov-Dec 1934), 144-146.
If the Zionists had accepted the offer, at least one million more
European Jews could have survived WW2.

1947-48 The international legal definition of genocide is assumed
(viz. Benny
Morris’ The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem, 1947-1949, is
the basic text on Zionist ethnic cleansing. The War for Palestine,
Rewriting the History of 1948, edited by Eugene L. Rogan and Avi
Shlaim, updates Morris’ data and conclusions. The web page,, gives a
somewhat inadequate translation of the Arab League’s declaration of
reasons for humanitarian intervention in Palestine in 1948. The
Arabic title of the document uses the phrase humanitarian
intervention and not invasion.

1948-56 The web site,, provides a
tremendous amount of data on this issue. Facts on the Ground by
Nadia Abu el-Haj discusses the ideology of destroying the physical
record of the presence of Palestinians as does Meron Benvenisti’s
Sacred Landscape: Buried History of the Holy Land Since 1948.

1956-67 How Israel Was Won, A Concise History of the Arab-Israeli
Conflict, by Baylis Thomas (pp 115-172) provides a reasonable
summary (with citations) of the history of the premeditated
aggressive war by UK, France and Israel’s against Egypt in 1956.
Thomas discusses the issue of the 1967 aggression on p. 165, and his
assessment is not much different from what Moshe Dayan has said in
his memoirs and comments on the 1967 war. The web page,,
discusses the IDF killing of Egyptian POWs in 1956. The web page,, discusses the IDF killing
of Egyptian and Palestinian POWs in 1967.

1982 Robert Fisk’s Pity the Nation provides the standard description
of Israel’s aggression against Lebanon.

1988 Arafat’s speech to the UN General Assembly
( speaks for itself.

1993 The Oslo Agreement gave the Israeli State the legal basis for
setting up the checkpoint and pass system within the occupied
territories that is so similar to (actually much worse than)
Apartheid South Africa. The Oslo Agreement ignores refugee claims.
Uri Savir’s The Process discusses the history of Oslo. The web page, provides an index of
Oslo documents.

2000 The web page,, provides a good
summary with maps of the proposed Palestinian reservations.

2002 The relationship of the Wall to increasing Palestinian hunger
is clear on visiting Palestine. Food must be shipped through the
checkpoints, and the IDF hinders such shipments. But perhaps a more
important issue has been the confiscation of Palestinian farmland
near the Wall and on what is now the Israel side of the Wall.
Palestinians are still mostly an agricultural population. If Israel
takes away their farmland, it takes away their food. Jenin Jenin
starring and directed by Mohamad Bakri addresses the IDF rampage
through Jenin. It is worth noting that Jenin (Biblical `Ein Gannem)
is probably the second oldest city on the planet. The web document,, describes
the attack on Jenin from the standpoint of an Israeli reservist.

2003 Senior IDF commanders seem to have decided to try to drive
internationals out of the Occupied Territories (by treating them
like Palestinians) in order to obtain the freedom to commit greater
acts of terrorism and brutality. In short succession the IDF
murders Rachel Corrie, mortally wounds Tom Hurndall and shoots the
face off Brian Avery (see, and

2003-04 The Israeli tourism industry is for all intents and purposes
dead. Investment in Israel has dried up, and Israeli academics are
personae non gratae throughout Europe.

2004-05 Presidential advisers Perle, Feith and Wurmser wrote A Clean
Break:A New Strategy for Securing the Realm
( as a strategy to serve
Israeli interests. This strategy has become US policy. Either
these advisers cannot distinguish US interests from Israeli
interests, or they can. In either case, their behavior is probably
treasonous, and Bush by accepting this policy recommendation has
effectively renounced his duty to serve the USA and to uphold the
constitution for the sake of Israel. Bush is now guilty of high
crimes and misdemeanors. He should be impeached, convicted, removed
from office, sent to Guantanamo so that he can be interrogated to
determine the extent of his treason.

ISRAEL IS RACIST. Zionism is un-American and racist because Zionism
presumes that the ‘national, ethnic or historical rights’ of Jews to
Palestine are superior to the human rights (including property
rights and residence rights) of the native population – a statement
of volkisch and colonialist racism. The only workable solution in
Palestine requires without limitation: (1) absolute rejection of
the concept of an ethnicity-based nation state as unethical, (2)
establishment of a nonracial multicultural democracy in Palestine,
(3) a sincere apology from Zionists to the Palestinian people, (4)
complete restitution to Palestinians for their losses, (5) return of
all property to its rightful owners, (6) repatriation of all
Palestinians, who will receive full citizenship in the nonracial
state, and (7) creation of Nuremberg-style tribunals for all
Zionist perpetrators of crimes against humanity. Supporting the
existence of Israel as a State for Jews is a total betrayal of
fundamental American values.

Joachim Martillo


Israeli History 101

By Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, PhD

Chaim Weizmann (1874?-1952) was born in Motol, Russia and became a
British subject in 1910. During World War I, Weizmann discovered an
improved method of making acetone and butyl alcohol for explosives
to aid British war efforts. He was thus instrumental in securing
British government commitment to Zionism in the form of the Balfour
Declaration (which was secured in a letter addressed to Weizmann).
He also served as special advisor to the British Ministry of Supply.
For his efforts on behalf of the Zionist project he was rewarded by
becoming first president of the state of Israel.

David Ben-Gurion was born David Green in Plonsk, Russia (now in
Poland). He settled in Palestine in 1906. As chairman of the
Executive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine from 1935 to 1948, Ben-
Gurion directed all Jewish affairs to transform the country from
multi-ethnic/multi-cultural area to a Jewish state “to redeem its
Jewish nature”. His activities ranged from land development and
settlement of immigrants to secret activities against natives and
later (after the Palestinian revolt of 1936 jolted the British
rulers) against the British. Here is an excerpt from Rabin’s memoirs
about Ben Guion: “We walked outside, Ben-Gurion accompanying us.
Allon repeated his question, ‘What is to be done with the
Palestinian population?’ Ben-Gurion waved his hand in a gesture
which said ‘Drive them out!’” (Yitzhak Rabin’s memoires, leaked
censored version of Rabin memoirs, published in the New York Times,
23 October 1979; Rabin’s description of the conquest of Lydda, after
the completion of Plan Dalet).

Moshe Sharett, 1894?1965, Born in Russia, originally named Shertok.
In 1906 he settled in Palestine where he was active in the labor
movement. In 1933 he became head of the political department of the
Jewish Agency for Palestine. Sharett was David Ben-Gurion’s closest
associate in the struggle for an independent Jewish state. In 1948
he was appointed foreign minister of Israel and from 1953 to 1955
served as prime minister. He resigned from the government in 1956.
Sharet sought to strengthen Israel’s position by statesmanship
rather than confrontation. His replacement as premier by Ben-Gurion
in 1955 and retirement in 1956 reflected the movement in Israel
toward confrontation that resulted in the 1956 Arab-Israeli War.

Levi Eshkol (1895?1969) was born Levi Shkolnik in Ukraine (then
under Russian control). In World War I he served in the Jewish
Legion, which supported the British forces in Palestine. He moved to
Palestine and helped build up the Haganah, the Jewish underground
organization that helped ethnically cleanse Palestine between 1947-

Golda Meir (1898-1978) was born Golda Mabovitz in Kiev, Ukraine. Her
family moved to Milwaukee in 1906. In 1921, she and her husband,
Morris Meyerson (the name was changed to Meir in 1956) settled in
Palestine. She once declared “There are no such thing as
Palestinians.” Her secret agreements with King Abdullah in 1947 was
instrumental in thwarting the formation of a Palestinian state and
in the Hashemite’s control over the area known as the “West Bank”
(see Avi Shlaim “Collusion across the Jordan”)

Menachem Begin was born in Brest-Litovsk, Russia (now Brest,
Belarus). In the 1930′s, he became active in the Zionist underground
terror movement and moved to Palestine in 1942 whereupon he engaged
in terrorism including bombings in civilian areas. Wanted for murder
by the British mandate authorities. Once called
Palestinians “cockroaches”

Yitzhak Shamir was born 1915 in Ruzinoy, a village in eastern
Poland. His last name was Jazernicki and he changed it. He joined
the Irgun Zvai Leumi, an underground Jewish terrorist group in 1937
and was involved in several terrorist attacks against civilians. In
1940, Shamir joined the more radical Lohamei Herut Yisrael (Israel
Freedom Fighters), or Stern Gang. He was twice arrested for his
terrorist activities by the British and fled to France in 1946. When
Israel was established, he came back and then worked for the Mossad,
Israel’s intelligence agency responsible for continuing terrorism
against the native Palestinians.

Yitzhak Rabin (1922-1995), was born in Jerusalem to Zionist settler
parents. In 1941, Rabin joined the Palmach, a unit of the Jewish
underground army in Palestine and was deputy commander of the
Palmach in 1947-1948 when the group engaged in ethnically cleansing
Palestinians (as Benny Morris documented expulsion of Palestinians
in the LOd and Ramle areas were carried out under Rabin’s command).
Famous as Israeli defense minister in the late 1980s for ordering
troops to “break the bones” of Palestinian demonstrators (mostly
children). Rabin stated that “The Oslo “Peace Process” is “A new
instrument for reaching traditional [Israeli] objectives” (according
to Uri Savir, his chief negotiator, from ). Henry Kissinger stated “I
ask Rabin to make concessions, and he says he can’t because Israel
is too weak. So I give him arms, and he says he doesn’t need to make
concessions because Israel is strong” (quoted in Findley’s
Deliberate Deceptions p.199). Yitzhak Rabin, once said (in the
Knesset): “For all its faults, Labor has done more and remains
capable of doing more in the future [in expanding Jewish
settlements] than Likud with all of its doing. We have never talked
about Jerusalem. We have just made a ‘fait accompli.’ It was we who
built the suburbs in [the annexed part of] Jerusalem. The Americans
didn’t say a word, because we built these suburbs cleverly.”

Ehud Barak, was born 1942 as Ehud Brog, son of East European
immigrants in Palestine. He later adopted the Hebrew name Barak
[meaning lightning]. He began his military service in 1959. He was a
member of a secret assasination unit that killed a number of
Palestinian political leaders in Lebanon (e.g. Beirut 1976) and
liquidating resistance in teh occupied territories. He was rewarded
by rising quickly through the ranks to become the youngest army
chief of staff in Israeli history.

Ariel Sharon (Arik Scheinerman) was born in British-ruled Palestine
in 1929 from Russian immigrant settlers. In 1953, he was asked to
set up a unit for “preemeptive strikes” across the borders.
This “unit 101″ spread terror and murderous violence among the
Palestinian population to force them to flee from their homes and
land near the border. On October 14, 1953, Sharon committed a
massacre in the village of Qibya (then under Jordanianrule). Ben
Gurion lied when he said the massacre was committed by enraged
Israeli villagers (as later documents showed). 69 civilians (mostly
women and children) were murdered. In the early 1970s, his forces
were charged with the task of “pacifying” the recalcitrant Gaza
Strip. He imposed a brutal policy of repression, blowing up houses,
bulldozing large tracts of refugee camps, imposing severe collective
punishments and imprisoning hundreds of young Palestinians. The
whole area was effectively transformed into a jail. He was to become
involved in the settlements project, in founding Likud, and a number
of other “acheivements.” He was the archjitect oF Israel’s invasion
of Lebanon. His funded and armed a mercenary/proxy Phallange forces
committed the massacres at Sabra and Shatila for which he is being
indicted for war crimes. His crimes continue to date unchecked (both
Amnesty and Human Rights Watch stated that recent actions in teh
past two months amount to war crimes). See

Shimon Peres (1923 -) was born as Shimon Perski in Vishniva, Poland
(now Belarus). He and his parents came to Palestine in 1934 (under
British rule). He joined the underground Israeli forces, the
Haganah, and served as a chief of its manpower division in the
1940s. He is the architect of Israel’s nuclear program. Appointed in
1953 as dorector general of the ministry of defense, he immediately
started exploring teh nuclear development. In teh late 1950s and
early 1960s, Israel developed its nuclear program primarily with eth
help of France while maintaining the Peres doctrine of “ambiguity.”
The US and Britain and other countries looked the other way. He was
awarded (with Rabin and Arafat) the Nobel Peace Prize for their Oslo
accords. The Nobel committee members recently signed a letter
regretting their awarding him the Nobel Peace Prize (based on his
recent actions as member of the Sharon government).


June 5, 2013

What happened to blogger Maria Hussain?

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Salam everyone,

I have been keeping a blog using my maiden name for several years now, as well as writing a weekly op ed for the Muslim Observer. Please catch up with me at and

Here is a sneak preview:

Exclusive interview with Jihad Abdulmumit

by Karin Maria Friedemann (formerly Maria Hussain)
The legendary Jihad Abdulmumit spent 23 years in prison for his involvement with the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. He now serves as co-chair of the National Jericho Movement and is on the Majlis Ash-Shura of Muslim Alliance in North America (MANA). Jihad Abdulmumit told TMO the story of how he found Islam in prison:
“I was a Marxist-Leninist in the Black Panther Party. That was the vibe back then – Maoism was the language we learned from revolutionary independence movements in North Africa in the 1950’s. My mother was a Christian, but I considered it the slavemaster’s religion, with the white Jesus – I ran from that. I always believed in God but my first exposure to the Nation of Islam seemed ludicrous, like a Black form of Christianity, with the Prophet considered God. Also, I had too many white friends to believe in the theory of the blue-eyed devil. Even though I was in BLA, I had white hippie friends. That era reflected struggle: the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, Black Power.
“In prison I was invited to Jummah. There I met Kamau Siddiki (Fred Hilton), who fathered Assata Shakur’s daughter. He was someone whom I greatly admired and respected, and I was surprised to find out that he was now a Muslim. He got out of prison, but he is back in prison now. For the first time, I saw brothers coming out of the bathroom after making wudu. It was all new to me. Kamal gave me some pamphlets, which I read. I used my Marxist mind to critique it. I looked for flaws in it but found no flaws in the concept of La ilaha il Allah. I made Shahada quickly – it took me about two weeks to decide. Islam answered my questions about the beginning of Creation and satisfied my confusion about whether matter has always existed or whether a Supreme Entity has always existed, with supreme divine consciousness. Now I understand that we will return to that Entity in the same way as our body, as matter, returns to the Earth. I was also moved to learn that the Prophet was illiterate.
“I realized that the real me was the philosophical part, not just the outward revolutionary activist engaged in community building. Once my questions were answered about where we came from and where we are going, and about Allah being the Creator of the universe, and then the whole revelation of the Prophet, understanding his life, I bore witness to the fact that I believe that to be true. My involvement in the community hasn’t changed but my motivation has changed: Now it’s pleasing Allah, doing good deeds, being a good person. My fight against injustice and oppression hasn’t changed but my methods have changed to Quran and Sunnah. I believe it’s the best way of life. I try to set an example and I value other people and their beliefs also. I work with a lot of different people and I relish that. I recognize that we are truly diverse.”

April 21, 2013

Night of Power for Somerville

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Night of Power for Somerville

By Maria Hussain, 

Sun Nov 7, 2004

Dear Friends of Palestine,

Quite by accident, the Aldermen of Somerville, Massachusetts
selected the night of November 9th, 2004 to vote on the Socially
Responsible Investment Resolution which recommends that the city’s
retirement benefits investment plans be taken out of Israeli
security bonds and companies such as Caterpillar which aid in the
Israeli occupation army’s war crimes against the civilian population
of Palestine.

On the 9th of November, quite possibly the Night of Power, the
American people will stand up to the Jewish community. Already, the
Zionist telephone hate hotline has been busily threatening and
trying to intimidate the Aldermen and their families. We hope that
the Aldermen will not be swayed in their decision to avoid investing
public money in controversial companies or in countries that the
disregard human rights rulings issued by the World Court. There is
every reason to believe that the truth will be victorious on that
night, for it is the most holy night in the sacred month of Ramadan.

Allah says about the Night of Power: “Ah, What will convey unto thee
what the Night of Power is! The Night of Power is better than a
thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein, by the
permission of their Lord, with all decrees. Peace until the rising
of the dawn.” (Surat al Qadr 97:1-5). The Night of Power, the night
when the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Mohammed, peace be
upon him, is called Laylat Al Qadr, and it is the night during which
destinies are decided. (See Surat Ad-Dukhan 44:4). Laylat Al Qadr is
a night in which angels descend to earth and ascend back to heaven,
carrying with them the sincere prayers of the people who are awake.

It is a unique privilege to be able to experience Allah’s mercy and
forgiveness on this blessed night when Muslims all over the Boston
area, and all over the world, will spend the night awake in prayer
and reflection. To receive the Holy Spirit of Allah in this Night of
Power is worth more than 84 years of life. The Prophet Mohammed,
peace be upon him, said that he who seeks blessings and guidance
from Allah on this Night of Power will have his previous sins
forgiven: the ultimate liberation.

Life’s purpose is not just to find linguistic loopholes to evade the clear criteria given

to us by our Creator which define right and wrong. For Allah has
said: “I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he crieth unto Me.
So let them hear My call and let them trust in Me in order that they
may be led aright.” (Surat al Baqarah 2:186).

Oh Muslims who are praying tonight, remember the good people in
Somerville who want their city to divest from Israel, because they
are coming up against the Beast, and they will have to make this
jihad, but they are not alone. “Victory cometh only by the help of
Allah. Lo! Allah is Mighty, Wise.” (Surat Al Anfal 8:10).

If there is even one person in Somerville, Massachusetts, who is
attending the Alderman meeting with the weight of a mustard seed of
faith in his or her heart, I pray the sky open up and Allah’s glory
be made manifest for the sake of bestowing dignity and honor upon
the keepers of the holy shrines in the holy land.

If Allah does not grant victory to the Palestinian people, the noble
mosques and dignified churches in which the names of the prophets
are recalled, will be bulldozed to the ground. If Palestine is
crushed, so too will the spirit of humanity be ground into the dirt.
Like Rachel Corrie, our back will be broken.

In a grave and deadly hour such as this, the Prophet Mohammed, peace
be upon him, prayed for the safety of his companions in the heroic
Battle of Badr. “Oh Allah, if this small band of Muslims is
destroyed, You will not be worshipped on this earth.” Early in the
history of Islam, when it appeared that the enemies of Islam would
mass murder the Muslims, the Muslims refused to submit to anything
other than Allah. Therefore “Allah willed that He should cause the
Truth to triumph.” (Surat Al Anfal 8:5).

It is in such a perilous hour that we live today, when we have no
choice but to stand up against the raging Beast consuming all that
is beautiful and holy on this earth, because this is not just about
doing our moral duty towards our brothers and sisters in Palestine,
but this is about being willing to follow in the footsteps of the
prophets. We all have to be willing to uphold universal principles
of justice as defined by Allah through Moses, Jesus and Mohammed,
peace be upon them, not justice as the pro-Israel public relations
agents redefine it.

“Allah Almighty says: (When ye sought help of your Lord and He
answered you, saying): “I will help you with a thousand of the
angels, rank on rank.” Allah appointed it only as good tidings,
and … remove from you the fear of Satan, and make strong your
hearts and firm (your) feet thereby when thy Lord inspired the
angels, (saying:) “I am with you. So make those who believe stand
firm. I will throw fear into the hearts of those who cover up the
Truth. Then smite the necks and smite of them each finger.” (8:9-12).

The State of Israel is the primary threat to World Peace today,
especially in that it controls American politics. The American
people have a duty to break the neck of the State of Israel by
cutting off its supply of funding. We must kill the stranglehold
that the supporters of Israel have placed upon our throats. These
criminals have destroyed our democracy with the Patriot Act, ruined
our economy with useless wars designed to make Israel the world
superpower, they have printed lies in the newspapers that resulted
in thousands of innocent Muslims to be imprisoned indefinitely
without charge, tortured, and degraded. These people would knowingly
put another family out of their home, and then happily move into
their house. These people, dual citizen Israeli-Americans, are
willing and eager to put American lives at risk just so they can
enjoy stolen real estate at bargain prices available only to

On the 9th of November, when the organized Jewish community will
attempt to deny, justify, or downplay Israeli war crimes, the
American people will say no to Israel’s occupation of Palestine. I
pray Allah give the good people of Massachusetts the right words to
say, and the courage to declare total opposition to Israel’s use of
our money. We must all thank these good Americans for standing up
for all Americans’ right to make socially conscious decisions in
regards to their investments.

Any of you who believe in angels, this is the night for us to wake
up and believe there is such a thing as Truth. Allah will send down
His reinforcements like He did in that great battle centuries ago.
Allah will back us up with 1000 angels. The Battle of Badr showed
the world that a small group of people armed with the truth can
prevail against those who wish to prevent the truth from being

True peace is the submission of the heart to make the decision to do
the right thing no matter what the cost. This kind of peace exists
within, and is not dependent on the evildoers’ willingness to cease
bombing those who refuse to worship the Beast. For we know that we
too could face torture like Jesus faced at the hands of the Romans,
or like our friends in Guantanamo, Israel’s prisons, and Abu Ghraib.

On this night the testimony will be made about the truth of Israeli
war crimes on American soil, in a government building, on live TV.
Whether we are in Somerville at the Town Hall, or saying a prayer in
the masjid, or tucking our kids into bed on that night, we should
all be clear that if we are ever to succeed in taking this first
step towards divesting from Israel, this is the night we could
really do it.

All of you who are seeking the victory of Allah on behalf of the
Palestinian people who are hungry, afraid, and abandoned, in these
holy nights at the end of Ramadan, God willing, this is the night
for salvation, for victory, for success.

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