December 18, 2006

Disengaging America from the Israel Lobby

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With the deep enmeshment of Israeli agents in the United States political spectrum, and the dependency of our economy on American arms sales to Zionist organized crime in the Holy Land, the Sudan, and around the world, the Israel Lobby is nothing less than a scam for billions of dollars of capital investments. Most Americans are aware that the behavior of the US-supplied Israeli military puts all Americans at risk of retaliation. But the real crime begins right under our noses here in America by bankers and real estate agents. American Jews wishing to flee from their credit card debts are buying up stolen property in Palestine at super-low mortgage rates available to Jews Only. They are using American tax money to pay the IDF to force the non-Jewish Palestinian rightful owners to vacate their property, after which they bulldoze the olive trees and build suburban-style condos for American and European Jews with lumber supplied by Home Depot. This is done using full-scale military equipment supplied and paid for by the United States.

Israel Advocates are holding public meetings in towns around America encouraging Jews to “make Aliyah” and to send their teenagers to IDF summer camp to learn how to become terrorists.

Are American law enforcement officials investigating this organized crime network operating in full daylight? To nip Zionist enmeshment and recruitment in the bud, American law enforcement officials should attend all the Pro-Israel training workshops that take place on US soil. The Israel advocay sessions promote the subversion of all our basic democratic institutions. The United States has no choice but to investigate and prosecute those American citizens who are involved in promoting the existence of the State of Israel. Our free press, our justice system, and our democracy are dependent upon the separation of American from Israeli interests.

It is vital for America to disentangle itself from Zionist arguments and loopholes. The argument that Jews should get to keep what they stole because they’ve been sitting on the stolen property for so many years is not a legal argument. America stands for equal rights, and that means property rights, residency rights and other legal norms. If we care about our rights, we must always and without compromise stress the property rights of all Palestinians. Not just the property stolen in ’67 but also ’48 has to be returned to its rightful owners, as Germany returned homes stolen from the Jews to their descendents. All Israelis, not just some, are legally obligated to voluntarily vacate the stolen property their families inhabit – now! International law does not suggest that they are entitled to any compensation nor are they guaranteed citizenship.

If the United States cannot divest itself from Israel, we have no choice but to dismantle the State of Israel and take away everyone’s passports (just like has been done to a lot of other countries). New passports can then be issued for the Islamic Republic of Israel, or whatever they democratically decide to call it. Stateless Palestinian refugees must be given first priority to obtain passports. Applicants would be subject to a background check to disqualify any IDF soldiers that engaged in anti-Palestinian activity, AIPAC lobbyists, and whoever else the Palestinian leadership wants to disqualify. The decision belongs in the hands of the Palestinian people which Israelis they can live with and which Israelis need to go back to Brooklyn.


December 12, 2006

No taxation without representation! Why Zionism and Libertarianism Don’t Mix

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a tribute to our American forefathers…

1. “No taxation by a foreign government without representation ” is a basic Libertarian principle. The taxation currently endured by US taxpayers far exceeds the taxation by the British that led to the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution. Zionist organizations do everything possible, including imprisonment, book banning, and worse, to prevent Americans from openly discussing the fact that they are being taxed against their will. This includes the Patriot Act, Homeland Security abuses, and other erosion of civil liberties. It also includes lawsuits to prevent the question of Israel investments from getting on the ballot. It also includes Zionists bribing elected public officials with free trips to Israel to gain their support for Israel – even against the will of the majority of their constituents!

2. “Respect of Property Rights” is a basic Libertarian principle. Palestinian Christians and Muslims are forced out of their homes, shot or made homeless to clear the area for development into Jews-Only condo complexes connected by Jews-Only roads. The American and European Jews who move into this stolen property are participating in a racist organized crime network. They are benefiting from extra-low mortgage rates subsidized by American and European taxpayers. Zionism is nothing less than a criminal ideology.

The US has acknowledged the injustice involved in colonizing America at the expense of the native population. In our time, though there are economic disparities, Native Americans have US citizenship and are able to buy and sell property just like anyone else. This is not true of millions of Palestinian refugees who are denied Israeli passports even while living under Israeli martial law and occupation. It is also not true in Israel, where Jews cannot sell to Arabs. It is even against the law for sympathetic Jews to return the stolen property that they currently “own” to the original, rightful owners, whether they were forced off the property in 1948, 1967, or more recently.

3. “Avoiding foreign military interventions” is a basic Libertarian principle. The Zionist lobby and Israeli pressure created false intelligence to mislead America into the Iraq war. AIPAC tried, so far unsuccessfully, to pressure the US to bomb Iran, a country which has not threatened America. (I got the AIPAC mailing that said “Call your Congressman and tell him we want the US to bomb Iran!” Another petition to bomb Iran included a free pen (I’m not lying) with the words American Jewish Congress. I’m happy to show it to you)!

4. “American self-interest” is a basic Libertarian principle. Obeying the Israel lobby is against American self-interest. The US military officers warned Bush Jr. that obeying the Zionist pressure to invade several countries at once could mean the end of America. Bush decided to let America commit suicide, economically and politically, for the sake of Israel.

5. “Loyalty to America” is a basic Libertarian principle. Zionist activists are traitors who should be stripped of their US citizenship and sent to Guantanamo for interrogation.

6. “Live and Let Live” is a basic Libertarian principle. Obviously, financing Israel at the expense of America, and at the expense of basic American values, victimizes all Americans at the expense of a very small sub-group of the population, in addition to creating worldwide anti-American hostility, which puts all Americans at risk of terrorist retaliations.

I could go on, but you get the basic idea.

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