September 26, 2007

Self-Hating Jews vs Ahmadinejad

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I signed my kids up for Arabic lessons recently and, having lived before in an orthodox Jewish town in New Jersey, I noticed something somewhat interesting. Arab mothers of young children weigh on average 20-30 pounds less than your average Jewish mother of young children and not only that, their posture is astonishingly better. In other words, Arab ladies are so much prettier and more self-confident than Jewish ladies in the same station of life. Not only that but their facial expressions are so much different. Orthodox Jewish women walk around not only slumped over, but scowling with a tense frown on their faces. They seem so discouraged, and seem to give off the vibe of being unloved and unwanted at home. All they do I suppose is wash dishes obsessive-compulsively and spend their Fridays ripping up pieces of toilet paper in preparation for the Sabbath, so life must be pretty dull in comparison to the Arabs who actually enjoy their weekends partying with their families and friends.

The other difference is the men. I was going through a divorce when I was living in New Jersey and although it may sound pathetic, I really enjoyed all the attention I got from the Jewish men. I guess with my 26 inch waist, and my upright posture I was a goddess compared to the orthodox Jewish ladies but the impression I got from the Jewish men’s response to my good looks was that all Jewish males are sexually available, whether or not they are married. They used to stop their cars just to watch me cross the street. By contrast, Arab men just seem like people. Freshly showered, nice guys, but not even thinking about “that.”

So, when people talk about self-hating Jews, who is self-hating? I can’t imagine that an overweight woman married to a man who so obviously wishes he could have a Muslim lady as a second wife could have a very positive outlook on life. Not to mention that Jewish men consider cheating on their wife with a non-Jewish lady to “not count” as adultery, not to mention how they lie to their wives as obsessive-compulsively as Jewish women wash their dishes. Suppressing all that guilt about Israeli violence against Palestinians must be a constant downer too. I think no one hates themselves as much as Zionist women so no wonder they are the most vicious people on the planet. I tend to blame all the problems in this world on Jewish women, since the men are doormats who obey their wives or at least pretend to obey their wives. But what’s new. There are more Jewish women marrying hot Palestinian men in “Israel” than there are marriages between Ashkenazim and Arab Jews. It’s over for the Zionist project.

So anyway, how about President Ahmedinejad’s speech at Columbia University? It was so awesome, what I saw on video, and what astonished me most was the warm, thundering applause after every comment he made. I didn’t know there were that many decent Americans out there. Everyone protesting outside was of course a psychotic Jew brainwashed by the David Project. But the thousands of people cheering for Ahmedinejad, who is like the new Bruce Springsteen, really made me feel better about this country. I would not be surprised if scores of people converted to Shia Islam as a result of his really great responses to the hostile questions (I did). He proved himself to be someone with not only great intelligence and wit but saint-like patience. It seemed to me that the Iranian President has more popular support in this country than our own mentally retarded President Bush.

But I was really shocked and disappointed when Congress the next day imposed harsher sanctions on Iran in contempt of the American people, and despite all the rational, intelligent, kind, and good-natured things the Iranian president said the day before.

But what do I expect. I did after all, watch the video of the kid who asked Kerry too many questions getting tasered by the cops. What are we going to do, you guys? There is nowhere to run. Even Europe is controlled by Zionist crazies controlling the media.

It occured to me that maybe what we need is a Swiss solution. Instead of allowing the police to become a hired paramilitary force terrorizing our neighborhoods along with the hoodlums, maybe we should do what the Swiss do. In Switzerland, every town has its own local militia which includes every adult male in the town, all of whom have a machine gun that was given to them for free by the Swiss Army. At the sound of an alarm, within minutes, the men are in position and ready to defend their town. Switzerland never invades other countries, so this hyper-militarism is purely in the interest of self-defense.

Not only that but every family is required to have a bomb shelter stocked with food in their basement and government representatives go door to door making sure that your basement shelter is up to Swiss standards. Given this level of preparedness it is no surprise that the Nazis never bothered trying to take over Switzerland, while the Swiss were hanging out in their bomb shelters eating their chocolate rations provided to them by the government. Maybe it’s time our country got a real government.

Last but not least, it’s Ramadan and most of us admittedly are completely inadequate in our observation but don’t forget the poor. Every act of charity makes a difference. I sponsored a Palestinian orphan some time ago and was astonished by the difference in his photo from one year to the next. When I first got his “annual report” he looked so painfully thin in the photo, but a year later I got a photo of him looking like a regular teenager. Thank God. Nowadays people in Gaza have to buy bottled water to survive, and that is really hard when you have no income. If you don’t know how to send money to Gaza let me know because it’s super easy and the fact is, if you are feeding your own kids on your credit card (like most Americans) you may as well pay for some poor orphan on your credit card as well. And don’t forget the world is not Palestine alone. You can save a child’s life in Africa for just $2. Can you believe that, for the cost of a single beer. So please, I know it’s not the solution for our political problems but the best we can do is keep those wonderful children alive until they grow up so they can take over the world and hopefully do a better job than these aging neocons. Within twenty years all those genocidal fanatics will be dead of natural causes. And what will be left will be hundreds of millions of confused young people. We have to help them survive until that day.

I’m crying now. I know this is not much of an essay but it’s the best I could do. Please, everyone, help the poor children hungry and terrified and alone in this world and save them from the Zionist selfish monsters that want to destroy everything because they know they are finished and they want to take us all down with them, but we can’t let them do that. We have to save this world. It might be a really long time until Jesus (pbuh) comes back. The world is not ending. The truth is much harder. WE have to make it work, we have to find a way to continue life on this planet into the next century and beyond so may God help us.



  1. Right, so they can butcher the Sunnis and Yazidis and anyone else who is not a Shia just like in Iraq.

    “I would not be surprised if scores of people converted to Shia Islam as a result of his really great responses to the hostile questions (I did). “

    Comment by Naftali — September 26, 2007 @ 5:13 pm

  2. Your blog is racist and disgusting. I’m sure that Mohammed would abhor it.

    Comment by zabeth bowling — September 26, 2007 @ 5:46 pm

  3. Your blog reflects well-balanced thuoghts and quenches the thrust of those who want to read rational writings. Carry on and don’t worry about the barking dongs, this is their weekness which shouldn’t weaken your strong heart.

    Comment by Robert — September 28, 2007 @ 7:35 pm

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    Comment by sandrar — September 10, 2009 @ 1:40 pm

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