September 28, 2007

Why do Muslims hate feminists?

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Feminism is connected to the developments of critical thinking in the period 1930 – 1980 in France, England, and many other countries throughout the world. But Western feminism died in the 80s. In the 1980s many women realized if we want to “worship the Goddess,” and be like the Mother Earth we have to celebrate our fertility, we have to be true to our souls. We didn’t want to hurt our bodies with pharmaceutical chemicals to prevent what was natural from occurring. We just wanted motherhood to be a happy, emotionally safe learning experience. We wanted committed partnerships. We wanted to be surrounded by people who love us, not just fight to survive in the rat race. We would rather marry a man who would pay all the bills because we can. Feminists have written that marriage is a form of prostitution and thus degrading, but not all women agree with that viewpoint.

As a heterosexual woman, I admit to feeling occasionally marginalized by “progressives” just over this one word, because all these men and lesbians are telling me what I’m supposed to believe about myself as a female. I’m totally cool with being a woman. I don’t view it as an oppression. The only thing, is I view the life transaction as a series of rights AND responsibilities.

The “feminist” label alienates many many women I know. Mainstream Muslim women are totally offended by feminists. When a German woman I know told an Iranian woman I know that she chose not to have children because she had too many emotional issues with her mother, the Iranian woman was so offended she would never speak to her again or look at her. “I love my children,” she insisted to me. “When they were babies and they fell asleep in my arms, I just held them and watched them sleep.”

Many of the Muslim American women you’ll find at the mosque view life as a competition to see who can have the most children. The ones who had a bad birth experience will typically avoid having more kids after that, but in those cases it is out of a sense of emotional trauma, not because they had planned or wanted to limit their reproduction. [A lot better education about how to have a safe and enjoyable birth needs to be made available to more women, including most American women.]

The idea of earning their own income would be something they’d resist, and would normally do so only if widowed, but even then would rather rely financially on a brother. Those who are college educated and earn a separate income still make their husbands pay all the bills. Some Muslim women stubbornly refuse to learn to drive a car in order to manipulate their husband into doing all the errands and grocery shopping. Another way they express their refusal to get a job is by putting on niqab (the face veil). They view this female chauvenist lifestyle as a right. In Muslim countries it’s the women not the men pushing the movement to dress like the Virgin Mary (for obvious reasons). The burqa is their way of saying to men, “You will NOT disrespect me.

One of the first things the US did after they set up their military bases in Pakistan was to push the media to publish images of semi-nude women. When western colonists try to convince Muslim women of their feminist ideology, the women view it as an imposition, and they protest against it with signs that say, “My hijab is my honor.” There are tens of thousands of Muslim women in America who feel this way. There are tens of millions of Christian, Jewish and secular women who agree with them on at least one point.

When I think of feminists, like most Muslims I have come across, we think of Zionist collaborators; Irshad Manji, Nonie Darwish, Ayan Hirsi, and these other neocon novelists who write ridiculous and uneducated anti-Islam “tell all” books that are so absurd that only a fool could take them seriously. These intellectual prostitutes are working for the group of people that includes Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, Charles Jacobs and all those racist clowns. Ayan Hirsi, an upper class Somali Muslim got elected into parliamentary office in the Netherlands by dumping on Muslims. Her willingness to fabricate entertaining stories for neocon audiences and tell them what they want to hear got her offered a job by the American Enterprise Institute.

When an Asian woman or an Arab woman or an African woman says she is a feminist, in the eyes of many many women and men I have known, it means to them that she has become westernized. Her brain has been colonized. She has made herself “non-scary” to liberals. She has sex without marriage. That is what “feminist” means to Muslims essentially. It’s almost an obscenity. Feminism is connected in their minds with the Oppressor class of Harvard educated ruling families that control so many countries in the world, embezzling money, drinking wine with white people, engaging in Freemasonry and planning their wars on the innocent. That is how they speak of them and how they think of them.

Western liberals need someone to “explain” Islam to them because they view Islamic society through an Orientalist lens that assumes that the Westerners are both intellectually and ethically superior to Easterners. They hear what they want to hear and show disrespect to the image that they have projected upon a person like Ahmedinejad. When he said, “In Iran we don’t have homosexuality like you,” he was mocked as having said, “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals.” Because of prejudice, Orientalists cannot respect the fact that in other cultures, open promiscuity, whether homosexual or heterosexual is simply not tolerated.

I might add that although the public hangings in Iran make westerners squeamish, especially when they are for sex crimes, what we have to understand is that Iran is a democracy. Rapists, sodomizers, hookers and smugglers get hanged because the public demands it. The leadership is doing what the majority of the population wants. If someone is a rapist or a murderer it is a financial drain on society to keep him locked up in prison, feeding and clothing him for the rest of his life. Execution is how Iranian society chooses to deal with those they feel are destroying the fabric of their society. It is not the result of a heartless dictatorship. Not to mention, Iran executes a lot fewer people than the United States.

I asked the gentle Iranian woman who loved her babies so much about the execution of Communists in Iran and she said without hesitation, like this was the mainstream point of view in Iran, “They should be killed. They are the enemies of God.”

I personally don’t quite understand it but crowds of people in more than one Muslim country will typically yell, “Kill him! Die! Die!” while watching a public hanging. For better or for worse, they vent their aggression at the criminals of their own society, instead of venting their aggression at competing ethnic groups or by bombing other countries like liberal westerners do.



  1. Thank you for the post. All feminists I know are either psychos due to their disturbed childhood/teenage or sold in the hands of those who want natural fabric of the society (family) is torn.

    Comment by Robert — September 28, 2007 @ 7:45 pm

    • Feminists are not psychos, we are women whom are independent, emotionally stable, highly educated and choose not to have children because we don’t want to rule our looks. Our feminism goes against the misogyny of women in the Koran of not being able to think for themselves and being classed as second class citizens no better than an animal. I am not an ardent feminist but an independent career woman whom chooses her path of not to have a family like you choose your path of marrying a woman who is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.
      We could label you and choose to say that all misogynists are psychos and unstable, incapable of dealing with their hatred towards women whom choose to live their lives the way they want to live.

      Comment by Jack — November 22, 2011 @ 10:13 pm

  2. Peace be unto you Maria,

    I liked you article.

    Regarding death sentence for adultery, I recently learned some religious facts that corrected my previous 50 years of knowledge or lack of that of.Jamal Badawi, a Muslim scholar who lives in Canada said that the sentencing of moral (no one is hurt) crimes in Islam (like adultery) is different from that of other legal crimes (slandering, stealing or killing). There are many levels of leniency. If one knows of the adultery crime that one has to keep the secret (satr in Arabic), the sentence can be postponed as long as possible (for example to raise a child). Only when the perpetrator comes back and asks for it that the sentence is executed, for the law has not changed. This was one of prophet’s traditions

    Comment by Mohamed Ghabour — September 28, 2007 @ 7:56 pm

  3. Irshad Manji is not really Zionist collaborator. I have the impression that she says what she believed. In the secular Islamic summit, she refused to denounce Islam. What she said did not show that she is a scholar of Islam, but it did not show that she is disrespectful of it either.

    Comment by Manas — September 29, 2007 @ 4:32 am

  4. So it’s ok to stone people to death or hang them for having sex with a consenting adult? Does anyone have the right…..regardless of if they are a majority or not….to dictate that someone should behave sexually the way say they should….or we will kill you……and we will kill you in a painful and disgusting way that would be considered sick and demented if done to a dog. Moral and cultural relativism falls down here. The right of the majority to engage in cannibalism if they want…….what about the rights of the person getting killed and eaten……and if ok for you to do that to someone……then you have no right complaining if done to you….or your child. Question…….is it ok if I kill my wife if she cheats on me……if not….it has to be because it is wrong…….period….you can’t say…’s wrong for me to do it here in Australia……..but ok if I do it Saudi Arabia……geography doesn’t change something wrong to something right……the fact is that all cultures are not equal…..some respect others rights to life…..privacy…..sexuality….etc etc……and some do not. Feminists are big fans of this cultural relativism for a reason. To boost Muslim immigration…..why….because western men do not commit enough rapes….demestic violence….murders……etc etc…….they need the influx of aggressive anti female men who will boost the number of rapes and crimes against women to justify their existence. They also ban the reporting of these crimes by what race….religion……etc…..that the perps belong to in order that they may all be labeled……simply……men. In other words it’s all to keep the myth up the white men are abusing women in increasing numbers in order to keep making us pay for womens lib programs……draconian laws in family law that discriminate against all men……promote hatred and fear of men from all women.

    They other reason is that they are guttless cowards. They will rant and spew their man hating rubbish aimed at the very men that have created the society that gives women the most rights and freedom that any women have ever had on the face of the earth every in history…and more rights and freedom in fact then men. The reason they do this because the western man will cope their shit without retaliating against them……Muslims will target them and make them pay for insulting them……with bombs…..guns…..beheadings etc.

    This is even more true of the male feminist…..who poses as a knight in shining armour and fancies and portrays himself as a hero and champion of injustice……but always only attacks and targets the passive white western man….which he is usually one himself…….because to attack men that would fight back would require an actual spine….which none of these dickless men who side with the feminists have.

    Comment by Stu — October 22, 2009 @ 12:59 am

  5. Just to add something. Islam will take over in the west and the feminists have made this possible in two ways. The first way is because they have alienated their own men…..many of which no longer wish to protect….or support women because all women have been doing all of these mens lives is using the for money and hating them. Many of these men…..even though they think Islam is a load of shit……would prefer the oppression of Islam rather the the oppression of Feminism.

    The other way feminists have paved the way for Islam is that they have banned any derogatory reporting of Muslis in the west…….they have presented Islam as the religion of peace….in chorus with other left wing extremists. Enabling massive muslim immigration and massive muslim breeding through generous welfare systems. Also…….allowing Islamic schools to protect muslim children for the evil western influence……insuring that their offspring grow up in our countries un-assimulated. The muslims consider feminists to be useful idiots…….who they will do away with once they get the power. Lets see if your average feminist still believes all cultures are equal as she is getting stoned to death for screwing around behind her husbands back…….which they all do.

    Comment by Stu — October 22, 2009 @ 1:11 am

  6. I’ve always had great respect for Muslim women. Religion is the focus of their day to day lives. They believe in something bigger and greater than themselves, unlike western feminists who believe that nothing is bigger or greater than themselves. Rants against the burqua expose the inherent irony and hypocrisy of feminism: Feminists claim to support ‘women’s rights’, but then vehemently criticize Muslim women who refuse to march to the feminist drumbeat or bow at the almighty feminist alter. Feminists get furious over any woman who charts her own course in life and doesn’t fall prey to all the hollow, shallow feminist slogans and the shallow, bankrupt feminist ideology.

    Comment by Albert — October 31, 2010 @ 4:32 am

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