October 14, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Holocaust? Crucifiction?

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Q: Were 6 million Yehudis really “gassed” with Zyklon-B by the Germans in WW2 or is the figure of persons who reportedly died in the camps smaller?

A: According to Joachim Martillo’s research, and he has read thousands of books on the topic, about 5 million Jews died of various causes during the WWII period. About half of them died in concentration camps with others, mostly from disease and malnutrition. The other half were killed not in Germany but in “pogroms” in Eastern Europe at the hands of angry Ukranians and other Christian ethnic groups whose families had been murdered by the Bolshevics in the 1920s. This 5 million figure would also include those who died of natural causes. Joachim believes that the gas chambers at Auschwitz were located in the Catholic section, not the Jewish section. He believes there are some instances of the German government gassing German Christian political dissenters.

I met the French writer, Eve Dessare, a holocaust survivor who lived and died in Paris. She was put in a concentration camp as a teenager, and what she witnessed there made her hair stop growing. She was determined to never let anyone forget what she was forced to endure. She wrote many novels in French. However I was a child when I knew her and did not learn any details.

I knew a Polish-Canadian whose Catholic father was a survivor from Auschwitz. He was released because of his carpentry skills. According to him, many people died in Auschwitz from starvation and disease and overcrowding. He did not mention gas chambers.

Q: Did a Jesus of Nazareth really exist and was he really crucified by the Romans (no record of it exists) or did the Sanhedrin agent Saul of Tarsus (alias Paulus) concoct the whole thing based on the pacifistic ideology of the Essenes and their executed leader Joshua ben Jose (for heresy) on an X-shaped cross?

A: There have been various branches of both Christianity and Islam that told the story of Jesus’ escape from the cross. The grave of Mary is believed to be in the town of Fatima, Turkey, where there is a Christian shrine erected in her honor. The story of the resurrection is repeated throughout human history. The original understanding of the story of Jesus (peace be upon him) is the story of a man who refused to surrender, who told the truth and refused to compromise with the establishment, even at the cost of his life. Even in death, they could not kill him. Muslims do not speak of martyrs as dead out of respect. They say, the martyrs are living forever in heaven. The Quran says only, “Verily they (the Jews) did not crucify him.” The most important thing was his teaching during his lifetime: the Good News, the Gospel. Injil in Arabic. If you love someone you remember their life’s work.


October 10, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: The Origins of Modern Jewry

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Q: My question is about the phony use of the Bible to justify ancient Jewish claims to Izzy. I just came across this slick comment at

“The “massive conversion” to Judaism that supposedly took place in the early Middle Ages is a myth, perpetrated today as an agenda by some factions in the world. Their supposed proof is taken mostly from the writings of Arthur Koester, who was and remains a fringe minority opinion in that regard. The “Ashkenazi” (white) Jews have a complete history of their origins, and they’re not Khazars. There is an uninterrupted tradition of Jewish sages and communities going back to the early Roman days and before, literate through the whole time and with massive writings from every period. They’ve always spoke against massive conversions and had never orchestrated them. The Khazar nation was wiped out by Kievan Rus and the Vikings, and most had either died or converted to Christianity and Islam, but while they existed they were never accepted as Jews by the Rabbis – they were treated as “honorable Sons of Noah”, a title used for “saintly” gentiles. The historical record seems to bear out the genetic connection of the majority of today’s Jews with at least the Israel of two thousand years ago. Evidence to the contrary is scant, and yet this argument is routinely used to deny today Israel’s right to exist.”

I’m confused. Looking forward to clarity.

A: The short answer can be found in the last two paragraphs of “The Origins of Modern Jewry” by Joachim Martillo, which appears today on his blog, “Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel at .

This article seems to conflict with genetic anthropological studies of Hammer, Oppenheim and similar people but these studies are severely flawed as Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh and Joachim Martillo point out in “Zionazi Racial Science” at . A recent article by Talia Bloch in the Forward (A Skeleton in the Jewish Family Closet?” Aug. 22, 2007, ) indicates that even some of the most extreme Zionist genetics researchers are beginning to concede that ethnic Ashkenazim are a separate ethnic group distinct from other Jewish groups except insofar as members ethnic Ashkenazi communities or related Eastern European and Southern Russian populations have been exported to non-Ashkenazi or proto-Ashkenazi communities in the past.

The rationalization of Zionist crimes against Palestinians on the basis of some sort of modern Jewish ancestral connection to ancient Palestinian populations has always been unethical, but even those that believe genes confer superior rights to one group over another must concede that ethnic Ashkenazi Zionists in Palestine are murderous genocidal thieves and interlopers.

October 3, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Homosexuality in Islam

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Q: I was reading that if caught, Muslim gays in some Islamic countries may face serious consequences. I was curious as to your understanding of homosexuality in Muslim countries.

A: Joachim’s response: Egypt has a thriving gay subculture. It just is not public, and the crackdowns come when Gay Egyptians start to imitate the public antics of gay Americans. Such suppression may seem like anti-gay bigotry, but Egyptians dislike public displays of heterosexuality as much as they dislike public displays of homosexuality. The status of homosexuality seems similar in other Arab and Muslim countries, and Egyptian sexuality seems more comparable to South American norms than to those of America. The legal situation in Nigeria has similarities with the USA during the 50s and early 60s. Public predatory homosexuality and heterosexuality are punished harshly in all Arabic and Islamic countries, but as in the USA it is fairly easy to find abuses when law meets sexuality.

Maria’s Response: Islam is a child-centered philosophy. It says that men are the maintainers of women, and that women are the mothers of the next generation. So everyone is oppressed in order to serve the needs of the children. And that’s OK. When men marry men or women marry women, what they are really saying is they’d rather buy stuff than educate the next generation. Islam is generally not sympathetic to male homosexuality since it means the shirking of the duty of supporting women financially, in addition to the problem of e coli contamination, but when it comes to women and women, there have been rulings by Islamic judges in favor of feminine sexuality, as long as they are married to the same man and he is supporting both of them financially.

October 2, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Pagan Christianity

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Q: Christianity, in its present form, is, as far as I am concerned, a negative religion. As a matter of fact, all three Semitic religions are. Ancient Christianity, that of the Essenes and the Gnostics, was almost 180 degrees different from what we have now. It was completely changed when the Roman empire took it over in the early 300s. I don’t really understand how people can adopt such a faith — and know so very little about it — or even seem interested in knowing anything about it. Halloween was originally a celebratory Celtic/Gaelic harvest festival (pumpkins, etc.), that has become perverted – primarily by “Christians”.

“Satan” is a creation of the church as much as it is anything else. Read a bible dictionary. Look up the various references, and you will see that it means many things, few of them having anything to do with what most people think.

A: From Joachim: Religions evolve. The ancients had no problem with the idea that a religious community could grow in its understanding of God.

Ancient Judaism is a modification or evolution of Titan religion. To see this relationship, just remember that there were seven male and female Titan couples, one couple for each day of the week. Kronos, who is the Roman Saturnus, was worshiped in Tyr as El Kronos or El Kon ArD, i.e., El, the Creator of the Earth.

In the Bible, the evolution from polytheistic Titanism to Covenantal Monotheism is mostly backstory, but the covenantal conceptualization is primitive and Biblical Israel of necessity fails to maintain its side of the bargain. The later Biblical Prophets transform the post-return surviving remnant theology in a suffering servant theology. Yet Christianity never quite gets beyond covenantal conceptualizations while Talmudic-Geonic-Rabbinic Judaism tries to find way to higher a spirituality in a world where physical exile is transformed into a state of spiritual separation or alienation from God. Neither modern Christianity nor modern Judaism is able to transcend fully their roots in the sacred calendar and the triple Goddess, who is transformed into the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost or into the God in his aspects of mercy, justice and divine presence. Islam eliminates the sacred calendar and the remnants of the triple Goddess to focus on the indivuals spiritual development. Whereas the Jewish minyan calls upon the community of Israel to acknowledge that God is one (shma` Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu Adonai eHad), in Islam God tells the faithful to say, he Allah is one (kul huwa Allahu aHadu).

From Karin: You should never adopt the faith of another. Worship according to your soul’s yearning.

October 1, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Sufism and Jesus

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Q: What was/is the relationship between the Sufi masters, and the Nazarenes (Essenes, Essenoi, or “Those who wear white”)
in the times of Yeshua and now? May Peace be be unto you, and your loved ones. Blessings in Christ

A: Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri, in his book, “Elements of Sufism,” writes: “I regard the Sufi movement as a parallel to the prophethood of Jesus, whose message was not to destroy the Law of Moses, but to revive the spirit of the Law in order to rebalance it. As a result, we do not find Jesus changing the already existing Mosaic Law, but confirming it, while showing its true application and meaning. It was a later convert, Paul, and others, who brought about what is called Christianity. In the same way, it was during this period, in which many of the Muslims had lost sight of the true application and meaning of Islam, that major Sufi writings on spiritual and moral disciplines appeared in order to guide the people who desired balance, purity, self-knowledge and inner illumination.” Learn more about Sufism at

Joachim: It’s an interesting question. There may be all sorts of interrelations. Greek-speaking Judeans of Alexandria called a Torah-sage a sophos, while sophists had a recognized legal status in the late Roman Empire. Iosephos discusses three sects of Second Temple Judaism, but how and whether they developed into various Judean and Judeo-Christian sects in the 3rd century is unclear. You might want to take a look at a my homily on the relationship between Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

You can find it at:

Karin: Sufism is the Way described by Jesus, a Muslim who submitted to God’s will. A Sufi is a wise person who has extinguished his ego. They become like a light to guide those who seek spiritual knowledge. Master Yeshua during his lifetime was a Sufi Master, for he attained the goal of Sufism – the death of the self. He was so at One with Allah that when prayed to Allah for someone to be healed, Allah’s healing would flow through him and into the person. When he spoke, he became the Word of Allah. A Sufi is a conduit of Allah’s mercy. They have no ego to obstruct the flow of the healing light of love. The emphasis of Sufism is on passionately loving God, nurturing the feeling of nearness to Him, as Jesus did when he meditated and prayed on the mountainside. The Sufi way is about letting go of the sense of self, giving up all that is not the Eternal in the service of Truth.

May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be on you and your family.

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