October 2, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Pagan Christianity

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Q: Christianity, in its present form, is, as far as I am concerned, a negative religion. As a matter of fact, all three Semitic religions are. Ancient Christianity, that of the Essenes and the Gnostics, was almost 180 degrees different from what we have now. It was completely changed when the Roman empire took it over in the early 300s. I don’t really understand how people can adopt such a faith — and know so very little about it — or even seem interested in knowing anything about it. Halloween was originally a celebratory Celtic/Gaelic harvest festival (pumpkins, etc.), that has become perverted – primarily by “Christians”.

“Satan” is a creation of the church as much as it is anything else. Read a bible dictionary. Look up the various references, and you will see that it means many things, few of them having anything to do with what most people think.

A: From Joachim: Religions evolve. The ancients had no problem with the idea that a religious community could grow in its understanding of God.

Ancient Judaism is a modification or evolution of Titan religion. To see this relationship, just remember that there were seven male and female Titan couples, one couple for each day of the week. Kronos, who is the Roman Saturnus, was worshiped in Tyr as El Kronos or El Kon ArD, i.e., El, the Creator of the Earth.

In the Bible, the evolution from polytheistic Titanism to Covenantal Monotheism is mostly backstory, but the covenantal conceptualization is primitive and Biblical Israel of necessity fails to maintain its side of the bargain. The later Biblical Prophets transform the post-return surviving remnant theology in a suffering servant theology. Yet Christianity never quite gets beyond covenantal conceptualizations while Talmudic-Geonic-Rabbinic Judaism tries to find way to higher a spirituality in a world where physical exile is transformed into a state of spiritual separation or alienation from God. Neither modern Christianity nor modern Judaism is able to transcend fully their roots in the sacred calendar and the triple Goddess, who is transformed into the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost or into the God in his aspects of mercy, justice and divine presence. Islam eliminates the sacred calendar and the remnants of the triple Goddess to focus on the indivuals spiritual development. Whereas the Jewish minyan calls upon the community of Israel to acknowledge that God is one (shma` Yisrael, Adonai Eloheinu Adonai eHad), in Islam God tells the faithful to say, he Allah is one (kul huwa Allahu aHadu).

From Karin: You should never adopt the faith of another. Worship according to your soul’s yearning.


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