October 3, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Homosexuality in Islam

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Q: I was reading that if caught, Muslim gays in some Islamic countries may face serious consequences. I was curious as to your understanding of homosexuality in Muslim countries.

A: Joachim’s response: Egypt has a thriving gay subculture. It just is not public, and the crackdowns come when Gay Egyptians start to imitate the public antics of gay Americans. Such suppression may seem like anti-gay bigotry, but Egyptians dislike public displays of heterosexuality as much as they dislike public displays of homosexuality. The status of homosexuality seems similar in other Arab and Muslim countries, and Egyptian sexuality seems more comparable to South American norms than to those of America. The legal situation in Nigeria has similarities with the USA during the 50s and early 60s. Public predatory homosexuality and heterosexuality are punished harshly in all Arabic and Islamic countries, but as in the USA it is fairly easy to find abuses when law meets sexuality.

Maria’s Response: Islam is a child-centered philosophy. It says that men are the maintainers of women, and that women are the mothers of the next generation. So everyone is oppressed in order to serve the needs of the children. And that’s OK. When men marry men or women marry women, what they are really saying is they’d rather buy stuff than educate the next generation. Islam is generally not sympathetic to male homosexuality since it means the shirking of the duty of supporting women financially, in addition to the problem of e coli contamination, but when it comes to women and women, there have been rulings by Islamic judges in favor of feminine sexuality, as long as they are married to the same man and he is supporting both of them financially.


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