October 10, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: The Origins of Modern Jewry

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Q: My question is about the phony use of the Bible to justify ancient Jewish claims to Izzy. I just came across this slick comment at

“The “massive conversion” to Judaism that supposedly took place in the early Middle Ages is a myth, perpetrated today as an agenda by some factions in the world. Their supposed proof is taken mostly from the writings of Arthur Koester, who was and remains a fringe minority opinion in that regard. The “Ashkenazi” (white) Jews have a complete history of their origins, and they’re not Khazars. There is an uninterrupted tradition of Jewish sages and communities going back to the early Roman days and before, literate through the whole time and with massive writings from every period. They’ve always spoke against massive conversions and had never orchestrated them. The Khazar nation was wiped out by Kievan Rus and the Vikings, and most had either died or converted to Christianity and Islam, but while they existed they were never accepted as Jews by the Rabbis – they were treated as “honorable Sons of Noah”, a title used for “saintly” gentiles. The historical record seems to bear out the genetic connection of the majority of today’s Jews with at least the Israel of two thousand years ago. Evidence to the contrary is scant, and yet this argument is routinely used to deny today Israel’s right to exist.”

I’m confused. Looking forward to clarity.

A: The short answer can be found in the last two paragraphs of “The Origins of Modern Jewry” by Joachim Martillo, which appears today on his blog, “Ethnic Ashkenazim Against Zionist Israel at .

This article seems to conflict with genetic anthropological studies of Hammer, Oppenheim and similar people but these studies are severely flawed as Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh and Joachim Martillo point out in “Zionazi Racial Science” at . A recent article by Talia Bloch in the Forward (A Skeleton in the Jewish Family Closet?” Aug. 22, 2007, ) indicates that even some of the most extreme Zionist genetics researchers are beginning to concede that ethnic Ashkenazim are a separate ethnic group distinct from other Jewish groups except insofar as members ethnic Ashkenazi communities or related Eastern European and Southern Russian populations have been exported to non-Ashkenazi or proto-Ashkenazi communities in the past.

The rationalization of Zionist crimes against Palestinians on the basis of some sort of modern Jewish ancestral connection to ancient Palestinian populations has always been unethical, but even those that believe genes confer superior rights to one group over another must concede that ethnic Ashkenazi Zionists in Palestine are murderous genocidal thieves and interlopers.


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