October 14, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Holocaust? Crucifiction?

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Q: Were 6 million Yehudis really “gassed” with Zyklon-B by the Germans in WW2 or is the figure of persons who reportedly died in the camps smaller?

A: According to Joachim Martillo’s research, and he has read thousands of books on the topic, about 5 million Jews died of various causes during the WWII period. About half of them died in concentration camps with others, mostly from disease and malnutrition. The other half were killed not in Germany but in “pogroms” in Eastern Europe at the hands of angry Ukranians and other Christian ethnic groups whose families had been murdered by the Bolshevics in the 1920s. This 5 million figure would also include those who died of natural causes. Joachim believes that the gas chambers at Auschwitz were located in the Catholic section, not the Jewish section. He believes there are some instances of the German government gassing German Christian political dissenters.

I met the French writer, Eve Dessare, a holocaust survivor who lived and died in Paris. She was put in a concentration camp as a teenager, and what she witnessed there made her hair stop growing. She was determined to never let anyone forget what she was forced to endure. She wrote many novels in French. However I was a child when I knew her and did not learn any details.

I knew a Polish-Canadian whose Catholic father was a survivor from Auschwitz. He was released because of his carpentry skills. According to him, many people died in Auschwitz from starvation and disease and overcrowding. He did not mention gas chambers.

Q: Did a Jesus of Nazareth really exist and was he really crucified by the Romans (no record of it exists) or did the Sanhedrin agent Saul of Tarsus (alias Paulus) concoct the whole thing based on the pacifistic ideology of the Essenes and their executed leader Joshua ben Jose (for heresy) on an X-shaped cross?

A: There have been various branches of both Christianity and Islam that told the story of Jesus’ escape from the cross. The grave of Mary is believed to be in the town of Fatima, Turkey, where there is a Christian shrine erected in her honor. The story of the resurrection is repeated throughout human history. The original understanding of the story of Jesus (peace be upon him) is the story of a man who refused to surrender, who told the truth and refused to compromise with the establishment, even at the cost of his life. Even in death, they could not kill him. Muslims do not speak of martyrs as dead out of respect. They say, the martyrs are living forever in heaven. The Quran says only, “Verily they (the Jews) did not crucify him.” The most important thing was his teaching during his lifetime: the Good News, the Gospel. Injil in Arabic. If you love someone you remember their life’s work.


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