November 10, 2007

Ask Maria Anything: Egyptian Nukes

Filed under: American interests — mariahussain @ 6:06 pm

Q: Why is it the US welcomes Egypt building nuclear plants while we condemn Iran?

A: Egypt is on our payroll. Egypt signed a treaty with Israel and the US which includes that they are given US tax money in order to buy weapons they use against their population to keep them in line, in exchange for “recognizing” Israel. Under the Egypt-Israel treaty, the US pays Egypt about $2 billion/year in order not to wage wars against Israel.

Iran has no such agreement with the US or Israel.

There are many possible rationalizations for the differences in the reactions to attempts by Iranians, Pakistanis and Egyptians to master nuclear technology, but the general hysteria results from the apparent interest of the Iranian government in opening a public Israel-Palestine discussion, which Neocons, the Israel lobby and the organized Jewish community are unwilling to countenance.

A nuclear Iran might be able to force such a discussion.

The usual list of distractions from the real reason for the anti-Iran frenzy are:
the hostage crisis during the Carter administration,
possible payback for US support of Iraq during the Iran-Iraq war,
possible payback for CIA involvement in the overthrow of Mossadegh,
the alleged irrational Iranian suicide culture,
alleged Iranian involvement in terrorism,
alleged Iranian support for Iraqi insurgents,
alleged or mistranslated Iranian threats against Israel
Iranian support for Hizbullah, and
Iranian support for Hamas,

There are probably a few other issues that do not occur for me, but if US foreign policy were rational from an American standpoint, they would constitute reasons to create a dialogue between the US and Iran.


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