July 9, 2008

Al-Safa Meat & the American Muslims

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I think it’s really important people should know about this because Al-Safa made a FORTUNE at the ICNA-MAS convention that I just attended in Hartford, CT. They had two booths running 12 hours a day serving hot dogs and chicken nuggets to 10,000 Muslims. Did they realize Al-Safa is a Jewish-owned marketing company? If they are going to sell Jewish hot dogs then just sell the high quality kosher hot dogs. Better yet use an actual Muslim company if possible inshallah.

I have spoken to the Al-Safa halal certifying agency personally about the animal feed and slaughterhouse. I was doing some articles for a halal food magazine that used to exist, Halalpak. Al-Safa is a Jewish marketing company that creates the packaging and advertisements and supplies Muslim grocery stores. The certifying agency is connected to a nearby local masjid. They do not certify any other brands of meat, nor did they coordinate with any national organizations regarding the halal status. The slaughterhouse is in Canada. You’d have to call to get the exact wage they are paying, if they would tell you, but that is what I heard from someone who went there and checked the place out and talked to the slaughtermen, African American and immigrant laborers who work strenuous, long hours doing hand slaughter.

Technically it’s halal, but very low quality meat that primarily benefits the Jewish owned marketing company. The cows are factory farmed and fed corn plus protein supplements made of chicken, according to the certifying agency’s word on the telephone. The slaughterhouse also slaughters non-halal meat. In my extensive interviews with a cattle rancher, I learned that corn-fed cows must be given mass doses of antibiotics to survive as this is not their natural diet. Humans receive a huge health hazard when they eat meat from a cow that took antibiotics because their body then develops a resistance to antibiotics. Furthermore the fecal matter from cows that took antibiotics contain deadly strains of e coli bacteria.

Muslims in America need to learn from the Australian Muslims and start employing cattle ranchers to raise grass fed cows that will supply pure meat that is safe for our children to eat. We can earn the respect of our non-Muslim neighbors if we can provide meat that is guaranteed free of mad cow disease, which is caused by feeding diseased meat products to cows. Most Kosher meat is also not guaranteed free of mad cow disease.

There is a phone number for the certification company on the Al-Safa package. You can call them and confirm everything I have said. I am telling the truth on this matter.

Al Safa Halal
P.O. Box 1076
Falls Station
Niagara Falls, NY

Canadian Mailing Address:

Al Safa Halal
P.O. Box 24178
Cambridge, ON
N1R 8E6

Canadian Head Office:

260 Holiday Inn Drive
Suite 786
Cambridge, ON
Canada 1 (800) 268-8174

AL SAFA guarantees that every single chicken is – hand slaughtered by a Muslim. You are welcome to visit at any time to personally witness our Zabiha and meet our slaughtermen.


Did you know that pretty much every dairy cow is fed pork products to make the milk taste more fatty? That includes high end products like Land o Lakes, according to the cattle rancher I interviewed. The safest bet is to buy organic.

Al-Safa’s certifying agency guy, sorry I forgot his name, was really mad at me for telling people what he told me on the phone. So he may be more hesitant to talk about the protein supplements because it’s certainly not a traditional Islamic practice to feed chicken protein drinks to chickens and cows.

I tried for about a year to find an imam who would make a fatwa against feeding animal byproducts to cows, but according to the hadith you are technically allowed to eat a cow that ate garbage, including the milk of a pig, as long as the meat itself is not obviously stinking. You can however easily tell the difference between pure meat and meat-fed meat by the smell. I can barely eat meat anymore after studying the halal meat system in the US. It is not safe at all.

I tried to convince some local halal meat stores to carry natural beef and even put them in touch with the organic cattle rancher, but they refused to carry organic or natural meat because they were afraid people would ask what is wrong with the other meat?

The independently owned halal meat stores buy the cows at the auction. They do not have any controls over the farmers or the feed. My husband visited a number of slaughterhouses and none of them obeyed all the Islamic laws such as not slaughtering animals in front of other animals. One halal company, Purdue, had Amish-raised natural chicken but machine slaughtered. However, the guy pulling the lever would say “Bismillah” each time.

I only talked to one Turkish brother in Brooklyn who was serious about halal. He was importing equipment from Saudi Arabia to do it totally properly. He planned to only use organic raised cows. Unfortunately I don’t live in NY so I don’t know if his luncheon meat ever made it to grocery shelves.

I wrote an article on this subject for the mosque newsletter and the board of directors personally intervened to have my article removed from the newsletter as they felt it would hurt the local businesses. Grrrrrrr!

I heard all kinds of stories during my interviews, from cows with bullets in the head to cows that were half dead on arrival in New Jersey after being trucked across the country without any break for water or food or exercise (which is haram in Islam). Even buying the meat leftovers from Kosher butchers, as they will not eat the part of the cow containing the spinal column.

American Muslims must learn from the Australian and New Zealand Muslims and act on this right away. Halal butchers must make individual contracts with farmers to raise organic and natural grass fed cows. The future of America, not only just the American Muslims, depends on it. The Muslims are centered in the Midwest. So they need to utilize this advantage and create a center for halal slaughter in Chicago. They need to make contracts with the best and most dedicated organic farmers in America and stimulate the demand for responsible agriculture. The halal meat market is huge. The farmers will be happy to grow us some grass fed cows if we are willing to sign a contract guaranteeing them a stable income. They need a contract that says they supply a certain number of cows per week to x slaughterhouse. It’s not a big deal.

Come on Muslims. Wake up.



  1. what an eye opening article! i already knew that al safa was a jewish company and do not support them. but i did not realize the importance of everything else mentioned. i will try to do my best tomorrow inshallah and call the muslim halal meat stores in the area and inform them of this and see what they can do. i would really like the name and number of the turkish brother in brooklyn that you had mentioned because i would like to support his business i live closer to him so i may be able to help him out. also anybody else in the northeastern region of the country that you know of i would like to contact and help with this cause. the muslim shop owners would probably be willing to switch if a substitute was made available i think it would be wiser if we secured that substitute first before i went to them. any help would be appreciated.

    jazak allah khair

    Comment by heba soliman — July 10, 2008 @ 3:39 am

  2. If you look at the box you will find the halal certification agency’s phone number. Here is their online info.

    This is the Al-Safa’s certifying agency.

    Dr. Muhammad Chaudry

    Thanks for your interest


    Comment by mariahussain — July 10, 2008 @ 2:54 pm

  3. With all due respect, this article has some facts wrong but I do sincerely agree with the concept that we need to get our collective act together and take responsibility for a reliable supply of halal meat in the U.S. Firstly, not only is Al-Safa a Jewish company, it actually lost its right to produce in Canada because its halal status could not be verified (um, they were in constant violation of halal procedures). If the author is referring to Perdue Farms (not Purdue) and their production of some halal products (under varying labels) I can tell you with certainty it is not. They simply create fake halal certificates for meat that is already sitting in storage. This is a well-known thing in the meat industry, and even Muslim wholesale buyers working in foreign countries are party to the deception, even sending meat to Mecca that everyone knows is not halal.

    Comment by Hafiza — July 14, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

  4. Thank you

    Comment by mubReosseGem — August 3, 2008 @ 7:24 am

  5. Assalam Walaikum. Ramadan Mubarak (Sept.2008)

    I was wondering if all Perdue & Tyson chickens sold in supermarket throughout United States are HALAL. Supermarkets includes Super Walmart, PUbLIX etc,etc.
    Please advise.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Mohamad Sharzaman — September 4, 2008 @ 9:15 pm

  6. Salam Sr. Maria,

    Ramadan Mubarak. There are a couple of comments I would like to make about your article. First of all Al-Safa was not the provider for Halal food at the ICNA convention in Hartford, CT. I was there for the convention and the food was actually supplied by Midamar Corp. Al-Safa was not involved with this event at all. The reason I know this you ask? I work for Midamar Corp.

    Just to give you a brief background of Midamar. First of all Midamar uses the highest quality ingredients in their products. It was founded by Bill Aossey 2nd generation Muslim in 1974. That’s right, a Halal company owned by a Muslim family!! Midamar is the first company to be in the Halal food business in North America. Midamar is also the first Halal company to work directly with USDA. Midamar serves all over the United States and approximately 30 countries around the world. Midamar is located in the “Heartland of America” – Cedar Rapids, IA! Thats right – IOWA. Where the best beef is produced.

    Maria, producing Halal foods is not an easy task. There are many guide lines that need to be followed to ensure the integrity of the product. With that being said, Midamar ISA(Islamic Services of America) as their certfying body. ISA is the oldest most reputable and most recognized Halal certifying company throughout the US and around the world.

    In response to having Organic Halal is that i agree with you. But unfortueatly there is a fraction of Muslims that would consume these products. Right now Halal products cost more than your standard products. To add Organic to the mix will make even more expensive.

    In response to Mr. Mohamad about Perdue or Tyson being Halal – they are not. I have written statements from them saying that they do not do Halal at any of there plants.

    You can visit Midamar’s corporate website at The coporate website will give you the history of Midamar. We also have an E-commerce website at You can order many different products from this site. I would also recommend that you visit ISA’s website at

    Comment by Abdullah Habhab — September 23, 2008 @ 7:23 pm

  7. Salaam to all,
    I am responding to Mr Habhab’s comments. I have had the chance to talk to the customer service people and some higher ups at Midamar; unfortunately their answers left a big grey area in my mind. My question was do they employ nonmuslims in the meat handling area, the answer was yes. Then next, what is the guarantee that the nonmuslims are not slaughtering the animals (as I have seen happen in a Turkish-owned slaughter house in Paterson NJ where they were helping out their muslim colleagues)when the muslims take a break or have to use the rest room or simply giving a helping hand. The higher up said he will get back to me which he has not done yet even after two years. So Br. Habhab I am sorry to say that you have to clean your own house first before you say things about others. By the way I use freshly slaughtered chicken and slaughter my own goat at a grass feeding goat farm, Alhamdolillah.

    Comment by Mohammad Mallick — January 11, 2009 @ 2:24 am

  8. Our Imam confirmed that the sale of the company Al Safa Halal has been completed. The details are at
    I just got an e-mail from the new CEO: He told me to look soon for Al Safa Halal Adrak Lassi!

    Comment by Khadijah Ahmed — January 25, 2009 @ 10:39 pm

  9. Assalamu Alaykum

    My name is Abdullah Nana and I am a qualified Mufti. I can relate to many of the concerns raised by Maria Hussain in her article and I have also found serious issues in many of the halal plants which I have visited throughout America. There were a few comments regarding the halal status of Midamar. I am just finishing a visit to the slaughterhouses and production facilities of Midamar in Iowa and the Midwest. Speaking on the phone to a company representative does not cut it and a person should try to get first hand information of the slaughter process. I am still doing research on various Midamar products. I represent an independent halal organization and am not directly linked to Midamar in any way.

    In response to the comment made by Mohammad Mallick, I can say this much that only Muslims slaughter at the Midamar plants and non-Muslims definitely are not allowed to slaughter. I have personally visited three of their plants and can confirm this. Yes, they do employ mechanical slaughter for some of their chicken plants, but they also offer hand-slaughtered chicken products as well. This is a personal choice. My point is that your findings on non-Muslims working near the production area are not sufficient grounds to render all the meat products at Midamar doubtful or haram. In fact, non-Muslims are found in almost every major halal production facility in the United States. The main issue is whether the Muslim is Allah conscious and strict in ensuring that the slaughter is only done by a Muslim. I have personally observed this at the Midamar slaughter facilities. Feel free to contact me for more information. I will do my best to give an impartial and unbiased view as dictated by Islamic law.

    The point of slaughtering your own meat

    Comment by Mufti Abdullah Nana — January 30, 2009 @ 2:55 am

  10. Salam to all:

    I would like to make a response to Sr. Khadijah Ahmed comments. Al Safa is NOT Muslim Owned at this time. There are two articles out there stating that it is Muslim owned. One of the articles is saying that it was bought by Habib Bank and Tamimi group and another article stating that it was bought by Muhammed Durrani. Both of these articles were written last year and are still floating around to try and trick the Muslim consumer into supporting Al Safa which is still a JEWISH owned company. This is a marketig scam by the current owners of Al Safa.

    Myself I dont eat Al Safa for the simple fact that it is Jewish owned and not Muslim owned. I tried Al Safa once and i about threw up! It is really not a good product.

    I do support Muslim owned Halal companies like Midamar (which has great tasting products) and Nema. Both of these companies are Muslim owned and I trust that there product is 100% Halal and wholesome.

    I ask all my Brothers and Sisters to please support our Muslim owned companies and not fall into the trap of Al Safa’s Marketing Scam!!!

    Thank you

    Comment by Abe — March 2, 2009 @ 4:29 pm

  11. I just want to mention, I tried Midamar and I tried the Kosher Organic, and I prefer Midamar. The Kosher Organic is backed by Zionist organizations even if its website avoids Israeli symbols. The mailing packaging was very hard to open and the meat was messy – saran wrapped over a styrofoam plate. The Midamar halal meat is packaged in a sealed package so there is not all this liquid leaking everywhere. There are some natural/grain fed meat and chicken options too with the Midamar company. So far I have no complaints about them except the lack of grain-fed ground beef option. Maybe they should go for the international “Halaal Thoyyiba” certification from Malaysia if they can show the animals are farmed well and the slaughter, post-slaughter refridgeration and packaging process is sterile and respectable.

    Comment by mariahussain — March 6, 2009 @ 6:25 am

  12. assalamu-alaikum sister. i wanted to know how i can contact this turkish brother u’re talking about. i live in NY, and would love to know. do mail me. May your efforts be rewarded by Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’Ala

    Comment by saam — July 6, 2009 @ 11:09 pm

  13. I am not a Muslim but I came here when I was digging up on evidence for pork DNA in non-pork (beef) and halal meat. You’ve given very good genuine information about the meat (aka corporate-run animal farms).

    I do know that many animals like chicken and cows may be eating rendered feed (animal feed made from recycled meat that is not sent to slaughterhouse – most likely a diseased animal). Chicken’s natural food is worm, cows – grass. When their natural diet has been diverted, how healthy can such meat be?? This is not even taking into consideration whether meat is halal or not.

    Please request your halal certification agencies to be prudent when coming to certifying meats as Halal. None of them should be bribeable into giving a Halal cert when meat has been proven to be un-halal.

    Another thing I would like to know if you have witnesses (or witnessed) the genetically-modified meat – ie. adding of pork DNA into other meats as some form of identification for where meat (animals) came from.

    Thanks Maria!

    Comment by kelly — October 2, 2009 @ 4:13 pm

  14. I have sold live sheep to the local Muslim community for several years, even allowing my customers to slaughter right on the premises (for which I could have gotten in big trouble), but apparently the Salafi imam at the local mosque last year banned anyone from buying from me any more. The last customers, 2 years ago, seemed a bit nervous and in a hurry to butcher all my lambs and make tracks for home. Obviously they found another source for Eid lambs since then. That is fine, but if Ahl al Kitab know in advance that they are only a temporary solution to be dumped as soon as possible, they are not likely to go out of their way to accommodate Muslims in the first place.

    Comment by A. — July 30, 2010 @ 8:50 pm

  15. Asalam-o-alaikum,
    In my humble opinion, all this hoo haa over hand slaughtered and machine slaughtered is a bit too blown up!
    Saudi Arabia employs machine slaughter – and the Muslims living there seem to have no issue. So why are Muslims in North America jumping in thier pants. Get a Life! There are more important things in life than worrying over a technicality – as long as your intent is to eat halaal food and you purchase halaal certified products – whether machine or hand slaughtered – rest assured Allah will be happy with you. If you still have an issue – leave the rest of us hard working migrant Muslim population alone – we have enough troubles with racism, and trying to blend in to a xenophobic western environment!

    Comment by Muslim Rahman — June 30, 2011 @ 2:58 pm

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