January 24, 2009

Letter to a Jewish friend

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Dear Eve,

Sorry for the delayed response. It’s hard to focus with the kids about, and often by evening my brain is mush.

It wasn’t clear from your communications where you stand, but my life was utterly wrecked by your mass murder spree over Christmas. I say “Your” because you have Chosen to identify with the mass murderer, even though it would be better for your soul if you did not. So, although it’s easier on you apparently, but many of us were so disturbed by Israel’s crimes that we canceled all our engagements for a week or two, in order to cope with the trauma. So obviously, I don’t feel very much like dealing with Jews now, especially one who expresses no shame, remorse or repentance over Israel and Zionism. I actually find your dismissive attitude absolutely outrageous and criminal in its wickedness.

And I admit I was still bowled over by the pleasant tone your first communication, despite the fact that you were engaging in a shameless display of racism and utter contempt for human life, lost in the illusions of ethnic narcissism. Don’t take this personally because I’ve always found you to be a friendly person, but the Palestinian babies you just fried are worth only half a sentence? Do you have any idea how much you have hurt people with this level of indifference? Do you realize how much you hurt people with your casual indifference? Shouldn’t you be traumatized as we are? If I belonged to a Zionist organization, I’d be pulling out chunks of hair and sobbing awake my nights. I’d certainly be renouncing my connection to Israel by now, contemplating suicide and possibly homicide… Why aren’t you? I have to admit that you come across as someone deeply, deeply evil. If I were you I’d be doing everything I can to stop Israel.

I take Jewish genocidalism very seriously because it’s happening right in front of me. I am dedicated to studying the Jewish behaviors that result in genocide and the defense of genocide. I don’t view the Iraq and Afghan and possible Iran wars as separate wars. There are some Jews who do get out of the enmeshment in Zionist genocidalist ideology, but it is very very hard. You disapprove of how Israel is behaving. Israel is not a child coloring on the walls. Israel is a violent international organized crime network that exists on extortion and genocide. All Jews who value human life should be rushing to pull the plug on Israel. But instead …? You are brushing off your old Jewish Advocacy training skills? And I can tell you are a little rusty. Living in Ann Arbor makes a person lazy. People are so afraid to question Jewish racism.

The 1000 years of unique Jewish pain leading up to the holocaust is standard Jewish Zionist religious doctrine, and is about as historically accurate as Moses parting the Red Sea. This dogmatic nonsense serves to shield Jews from their crimes and gives Jews a unique sense of entitlement to”rights” that no one else has. You also demonstrate serious indoctrination with your deeply rooted knee jerk reactions to protect a world view that grants you privilege.

I’ve been keeping tabs on Israeli atrocities, which are daily, for 20 years. I saw how American Jews came up with lawsuits depriving people in the US of their Constitutional liberties for 20 years. The Jenin Massacre changed my life forever as that was when the true ugly face of Jews came out in America, with their support for Israel while Israel is preventing the rescue of people buried under the rubble of their own homes. Palestinians had no machinery to dig out their relatives from the rubble, and those who tried the impossible task of removing the rubble with their bare hands were shot. The people under the rubble talked with their families with their cell phones until the batteries ran out. The world watched and waited in total and utter terrified despair. All Americans who tried to talk to a Jew during those days is still suffering from the stress. What emotional manipulations! What deceit! What arrogance! To justify burying people alive!

Every one of those children that died under Israel’s assault over New Years was my child. So people like you, that participate in the support of Israel’s existence, is someone I view as having murdered my children in my arms.

I have watched the Jewish community come together to fight against divestment from Israel. They truly had no sense of shame, nor any seeming loyalty to the United States taxpayer. The charade that Jews play, where they act like it’s unfair to discuss how Jews support Israel when atrocities are involved, was exposed as a hoax by the Liberal-Neocon campaign waged through the JCRC, because as soon as cutting off funding to Israel is involved, then all the Jewish sicko racists crawl out of the woodwork “supporting Israel’s right to exist” at our expense. And I mean, they are passionate about making Americans pay for their criminal activities. The mayor and governor even got a free trip to Israel funded by the AJC. I am sorry but I imagine you could have been one of those awful, hateful Jews “standing with Israel.”

So that’s where I am now. I admit I have not yet read your letters because I don’t deal well with genocidal racists. Zionists make me very nervous. My grandfather was tortured to death in a prison camp during WWII and I have inherited the trauma. I really cannot deal with people who can mass murder families in their homes, or torture prisoners, for any reason. I am dedicated to stopping the evil that Israel is, and that begins by stopping the idea that Jews are people you can’t discuss. I break the taboo for the sake of God, and humanity. Israel must be stopped.

I will read your stuff. I just need my husband to be with me when I read it. As I mentioned, genocidal racists really freak me out, and anyone who thinks Israel has a “right” to “exist” is by definition a killer and a genocidal racist freak.




January 23, 2009

Breastfeeding in Islam

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The Importance Of Breastfeeding To The Muslim Child
By Maria Hussain
Islam Online, New Jersey

“The mothers shall give suck to their offspring for two whole years, if the father desires to complete the term. But he shall bear the cost of their food and clothing on equitable terms…If they both decide on weaning, by mutual consent, and after due consultation, there is no blame on them. If ye decide on a foster-mother for your offspring there is no blame on you, provided ye pay (her) what ye offered, on equitable terms. But fear Allah and know that Allah sees well what ye do.” (2:233)

Given the importance of breastfeeding in the Islamic religion, the low rates of compliance among Muslim women in North America are puzzling. Although a formal research study has not been conducted, it seems upon observation that the breastfeeding rate among Muslim women is actually lower than among the population at large. There are small pockets of “fundamentalist” Muslim women who are well educated and adamant about nursing their children under their chadors, and who often practice natural childbirth and home schooling. However, those mothers who nurse their babies past the age of one year are the exception rather than the rule. There seems to be a lighthearted attitude among the general Muslim populace towards the bottle-feeding of infants. It is not frowned upon, and it is rarely something people even question. Perhaps it is a lack of education about the benefits of breastfeeding, combined with an absence of a support network to assist the new mother. Perhaps it is a misunderstanding of the meaning of weaning.

Understood in the general sense, weaning means the gradual transfer from feeding the baby exclusively breast-milk to table foods only. This can happen sometime during the toddler period of life, usually between the ages of 1 and 3. Transferring the child to animal and vegetable foods before he even had any teeth, was not done by the early Muslims. The most likely option, if a mother declined to breastfeed her infant, was the employment of a wet-nurse for the child. For the newborn Muslim child, the intimate breastfeeding relationship is a right. It is beyond dispute that two full years of breast-milk provide a baby with long-term health benefits such as the prevention of ear infections and allergies, as well as providing a foundation of trust between mother and child. It has been proven that a bottle-fed baby will be a weaker child, and that breastfed babies often have higher IQ’s and are more emotionally well adjusted.

In Islamic terms, weaning is a process that is administered by mutual consent, with the full intention of both parents who have decided that this is the best thing for the family. But in my conversations with sisters in various states who had given up nursing in favor of bottle-feeding, the sense is a feeling of powerlessness over the situation. These mothers often wanted very much to nurse their child. But somehow, they lost their chance. This tragedy is largely caused by a hospital system that does little to promote exclusive breastfeeding of newborns. In most hospitals, the new mothers receive free samples of formula to take home. This is a result of multi-million dollar deals between hospitals and pharmaceutical companies who pay the doctors to promote their products. This practice is highly unethical because little or no education about the dangers of bottle-feeding the infant is given to the new mothers. Many Muslim mothers, especially those who don’t speak English well and therefore are not able to question the nurses, come home with their babies already addicted to the bottle. Although at this point, all is not yet beyond hope, coaxing a newborn child to breastfeed, after he has been bottle-fed even just once or twice, can be a big struggle. It may not succeed without the aid of a lactation counselor, because unfortunately, even the older generation of mothers and mothers-in-law lack the knowledge of how to breastfeed. Thus, the likelihood of bottle-feeding is very high among immigrant and minority women in the U.S.

So many women have given up nursing out of a feeling of powerlessness to get the baby to nurse. Because this is not a decision to wean, but rather the result of lack of adequate help, this situation cannot simply be dismissed under the heading, “there is no blame.” Something is terribly wrong when Muslim women are giving up breastfeeding due to lack of education, counseling, and support. It reveals a stripping away at the postnatal rights of the Muslim woman to be in a state of rest for 40 days after childbirth. It also points to a fundamental lack of self-esteem in the mothers, that already at the age of 4 days old, she is allowing the child to make important decisions that will hurt him, rather than taking command of the situation and turning it around. If the child is rejecting the breast, the most common reaction is to try for a while, and then give up and give him a bottle. This teaches him that all he has to do is fuss and refuse to nurse, and he will be rewarded by a free-flowing bottle of formula. The only solution to this power struggle is for the mother to practice a bit of “tough love,” to refuse to give the baby a bottle, even if it takes several hours for the baby to nurse willingly. (If the baby gets dehydrated, he can take water with a cup or medicine dropper). All this requires the support and help of the father and other family members, to allow the mother and child to be together undisturbed as much as possible for the first 40 days of the baby’s life.

Many Muslim women manage to make it through those hardest days in the beginning and then give up breastfeeding after the baby is less than 6 months old. The most common reason given is, “I was afraid I wasn’t producing enough milk.” At this point, a lactation advisor could have told her to increase her own consumption of calories and to get adequate rest. Under no circumstances should she give the baby a bottle because this will only decrease her supply of breast-milk. But it is so rare for Muslim women to seek advice further than their doctors, who often do not give adequate help. Sometimes it is actually the doctor’s advice to start feeding their babies solids at age 3 months that leads to problems. Only with independent research will a mother be able to compare the “fun” of spoon-feeding her infant versus the risks of premature rejection of the breast.

How can we help the Muslim women of today to understand that Allah has made her able to feed her baby with the milk of her body? She needs to read books about breastfeeding and understand fully the commitment she is facing. She needs encouragement to seek help from a LaLeche League Leader or midwife if she runs into problems getting help from her doctor. Help is available. Women who receive adequate counseling are often able to sustain nursing even after returning to work outside the home. Premature infants can and should be breastfeed for the best odds in life. In fact, women who have never even been pregnant can actually stimulate the production of breast-milk for a foster child through the use of a special infant feeding device. The ability to feed your child the best that nature has to offer is your choice. Only after a successful and long-lasting breastfeeding relationship can weaning the baby truly be done by mutual and conscious consent. It will not simply be a tragic mistake to look back on with regret.

To locate a breastfeeding consultant in your area, call 1-800-LA-LECHE


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