February 24, 2009

Islamo-Christianity is Here

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I have an article brewing entitled “Islamo-Christianity is here.” My thesis is that the Jews, with their secularization and multi-culturalism, tried to erode the Christian faith in the Church. However, no matter what they did, 95% levels (or more) of Americans believe in either God or angels. They can’t take it away from us. So we are left with this formless belief that there is a Creator, who sent down lots of different messengers who started different religions at different places and times, but it all about says the same thing: Love thy neighbor as thyself, and strive to be less egotistical and always be grateful to the One Who not only created you, but continues to give you life at each moment. You are powerless to control this force. It’s all good. Most Americans are spiritual rather than being attached to one religion or another. That’s Islam. The only reason people don’t realize it is because they have been lied to by Jews and Orientalists.

Orientalism is a field of western liberal education, that came from justifying colonialism, where they study other countries with the assumption that white European Christian society (the West) is superior to theirs. It’s typically looking at The Other as Exotic. If you go to college in the US that is what Eastern Studies or Arab Studies or African Studies usually deals with. Orientalists will tell you all this totall BS about the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) that comes from old Christian writings NOT Islamic scripture.

Jewish Reformation and Enlightenment theory dominates liberal Democrat secular society as well as leftist, anarchist and Zionist societies, whose philosophers are primarily Jewish. (Marx, Emma Goldman, Herschel). In German culture, Jews became reformed or enlightened in order to be able to fit in with the dominant culture, eat pork and dress in everyday clothes. The result of this however is that Christians too began to belittle religion in general. A tacit societal agreement emerged, that because the Jew gave up his religion, the Christian should give up his religion too, to be secular. Israel Shamir talks about some of this in his writing.

“Neo-Judaism is the unofficial faith of the American Empire, and the war in the Middle East is indeed the Neo-Judaic Jihad… Neo-Judaism is the cult of globalism, neo-liberalism, destruction of family and nature, anti-spiritual and anti-Christian… But Islam is the last great reservoir of spirit, tradition and solidarity, and the Neo-Jews fight it with all firepower at their disposal… the war on Islam is a stage of the last war, the War on Christ… Thus the actions of the Neo-Jews eventually lead to the profanation of the world, and, on another level, to liberation from the limitations imposed by the society and God, to the victory of individualism.” []

To quote my husband Joachim Martillo, “Piety towards God and righteousness toward one’s fellow man represent the core of the Gospel teaching.”

The Gospel is one of the four books of Islam, which include in their original form the Torah, the Gospel, the Psalms, and the Quran. Whether you call the Gospel Christianity or Islam, striving for righteousness as followers of God through the guidance of prophets and with faith in the Messiah, summarizes the basic idea. The point of all true religion is to teach mankind the difference between right and wrong. There is a difference between right and wrong and the difference is clear. In fact, if your relationship with your soul is pure you probably don’t even need to be told. But nobody is pure and we all need some basic guidelines for human life to continue smoothly.

That’s what prophets are for. Faith in the scripture is based on the belief that God gave certain people wisdom, which they transmitted to others, about how to maximize our success during our life journey. Not all people have time to go inside and meditate and let go of our ego to the point we are riding a winged horse to Jerusalem to lead the prayer with Abraham, Jesus and Moses to ascend to the Throne of Allah. Most of us cannot do this because we are busy trying to survive. That is why we trust the sacred teachings and we interpret them within our own selves as to what verses have the most resonance at a given moment. We don’t believe them to be true, we know them to be true because we read them.

“Verily, for the righteous are Gardens of delight in the Presence of their Lord. Shall we then treat the people of Faith like the people of Sin? What is the matter with you? How judge you?” [Al-Quran 68:34-36]

To me, this verse makes me think immediately of those who equate Palestinian self-defense with Israeli aggression. How can you say they are equally evil when Israel is preventing people from getting water? To someone else, this verse will say something on another level that relates to their needs.

That’s what Islam is all about. Like the inverse of the Hell’s Angels saying, “We don’t choose our members, we recognize them,” Muslims are those who recognize the ancient voice of God in the Quran and they realize they have always believed that, like they recognize the veins on the back of their own hands.

Pagan societies work hard to create idols and then worship them. We imagine a thin woman, who we want to be. We meditate all day about being empty and clean and serene, reciting affirmations to ourselves. But is this a religion? The Quran states:

“Say: Do ye then take (for worship) protectors other than Him, such as have no power either for good or for harm to themselves?” [Al-Quran 13:16]

If I weigh 90 pounds or 190 pounds, and I have weighed both, is that going to matter on the Last Day?

Becoming a responsible person is about long term planning. Instead of counting calories think about how many people you could be feeding with the amount of dollars you’ve got. It’s a mental revolution.



  1. Islam is a trashy religion for sociopaths. Only very sick people would willingly follow Islam.

    Comment by No Dhimmi — February 24, 2009 @ 4:48 am

    • No-Dhimmi, Idiots like yourself are sociopaths. Muslims are very rational people. Very intelligent people follow Islam. You are sick yourself. Stop your crap.

      Comment by George — November 1, 2011 @ 3:49 pm

  2. Racist Jewish Zionists trying to incite Islamophobia always babble that they stand up to Islam by rejecting the status of a dhimmi.

    Dhimmis are non-Muslims that become integrated into Islamic society. In theory Islamic law (Sharia) limits full participation of non-Muslims in Islamic society just as Canon law (Catholic law) and Jewish law (Halakhah) restrict the rights of non-Christians or non-Jews integrated respectively into Catholic or Jewish communities.

    In practice Muslim governments tended to apply Sharia restrictions with the qualification that only God truly knows who is Muslim and who is not.

    In terms of religious practice and belief Islam differs little from Orthodox Judaism with two qualifications:

    1. Muslims recognize Jesus as Messiah and do not defame him as the Talmud does and

    2. Sharia is far less annoying than Halakhah is.

    Zionist Jews are the real sociopaths, for they believe Jews have the right to plunder and kill non-Jews with impunity as Zionists have been doing in Palestine on a small scale since the 1890s and on a large scale since 1947. No one more closely satisfies the definition of a sociopath than a Jewish Zionist.

    For the record the Ottoman Empire, which was the most highly developed sharia state on the planet, conferred equal citizenship on non-Muslims in the middle of the 19th century well before most European Christian states gave non-Christians equal citizenship.

    Muslims have no reason for shame, but Jewish Zionists are at best contemptible.

    Comment by Goyisher Kop — February 24, 2009 @ 9:58 pm

  3. I have some online document that discuss issue of Jewish reform.

    They are:
    Jewish, Zionist War Against Salvation,Jewish, Christian, and Palestinian Holidays,Followup (II): Origins of Modern Jewry, and German Reform and Prussian Israel.
    Reform was always supposed to be a two-way straight. Both Christians and Jews were supposed to renounce their contempt for one another, bear the same responsibilities toward the state, end special treatment for members of their own communities, and receive equal citizenship rights.

    While Christian and Jewish scripture express reciprocal contempt for one another, in general Jews seem to have been far less able to transcend their contempt for Christians than vice-versa.

    Assimilating Jews seem to have been more than willing to intermarry with German aristocracy or the Polish szlachta, but ordinary Germans or Poles and especially Germans or Poles of peasant background simply were not good enough.

    The false lachrymose pogrom and persecution version of Jewish history seems to have become so ingrained within German Jewish and ethnic Ashkenazi culture that Central and Eastern European Jews were never quite able to overcome their disdain for the goyim.

    During the second half of the 19th century viewing ordinary Germans, Poles and Ukrainians as blood-thirsty anti-Semitic animals irresistably driven to cut Jewish throats served as justification for exploitative and unethical economic practices necessary to maintaining the living standards that Jews felt to be their right even though the traditional Jewish economic sector had mostly vanished in Germany and was quickly vanishing in Eastern Europe.

    Even when Jews joined the workers and peasants in revolutionary activities, Jewish radicals had high expectations of supplying the leadership for the movement.

    In Palestine, practically no Zionist settler ever seriously considered the native Palestinians to be his equal.

    Comment by Joachim Martillo — February 24, 2009 @ 11:58 pm

  4. In other words, while secularization may have helped Christians overcome their disdain for Jews, it did not have the counterpart effect for Jews and may even have aggravated Jewish contempt as the lachrymose version of Jewish history became a predominating component of Jewish secular identity in lieu of general religious feeling.

    Comment by Joachim Martillo — February 25, 2009 @ 12:10 am

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